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ZPER Continuously Establishes New Revolution to Advance Data Scoring in P2P Finance



  • ZPER, a blockchain-based P2P financial alliance platform, has launched ‘Data Science Competition 2018(DSC 2018)’ since the mid-August for developing P2P loan-scoring solutions.
  • As of November, over 700 of data scientists have applied for the competition worldwide, and 200 of them have competed with various but all very innovative P2P-loan scoring techniques and solutions.
  • On 12 November, the 4th round of DSC will newly open until the end of next January 2019.
  • The new competition’s host will be: ZIGBANG, the S. Korea’s largest and most popular online real estate marketplace.

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ZPER, a P2P financial alliance platform based on blockchain technology, has opened a new fourth round of Data Science Competition 2018 (hereafter, DSC 2018)’ for advancing P2P loan-scoring models in innovative analysis and technology at the globe scale.

The DSC 2018 aims to create a newly practical, and innovative, P2P loan-scoring solutions by more precisely evaluating and predicting the P2P loans’ stability and delinquency rate, using diverse non-financial database that the ZPER alliance and other business platforms have collected and serviced for many years. Participants can selectively join this competition as it has opened with four different topics from diverse business categories, including small business, medial and real estate industries.

Starting on 13 August (the first opening of the DSC 2018), over seven hundred of data scientists have applied across the globe, and two hundred of them have competed with their intellectual prowess and analytical abilities out on each stage of competition. Currently, the DSC is running its third round of competition with the topic of “Predict the Final Bid of Apartments!” and the participants are suggesting various P2P loan-scoring solutions worldwide.

Last Friday, ZPER publicly announced that a new competition, the fourth round of the DSC 2018, will be opening on 12 November (Korean Time, UTC/GMT +09:00), following another topic of “Predict the Real Transaction Price of Apartments.” This round is already triggering much public attentions in South Korea, even ahead of its opening, as it is to be co-hosted with ZIGBANG, which is the S. Korea’s largest and most popular online real estate marketplace platform.

During the period of the new round, participants will create a new screening review and analysis models, which could more precisely predict apartments’ transaction prices on various non-finance data, such as complex and sales information on apartments, randomly given by ZIGBANG. The winners’ analysis models will be re-optimized for a broader range of financial opportunities to the public and the people who are excluded from traditional financial institutions, e.g. banks, due to low credit scores and DTI regulations.

The fourth round will be held until the last day of January 2019 and the final winners will receive a total of $8,000(USD) in prize and 80,000 of ZPER tokens (ZPR), P2P cryptocurrency issued by ZPER.

JB Kim, Co-founder & CEO at ZPER, interviewed last weekend “P2P finance provides more opportunities for those who are not welcome to the traditional finance system,” and added “ZPER, as a decentralized and unified platform for global P2P financial ecosystem, looks forward to presenting a new loan-scoring solutions for those loan applicants who have been long left out of the existing traditional financial institutions through this competition.”

This competition is open to anyone who is interested in the fields of data science or other relevant industries, including current undergraduate, graduate students or those who are already working in the fields. The entries of the winners will be evaluated by DACON, an online competition platform of data scientists, before practical commercial application that will allow for creation of safer and optimized P2P lending.

ZPER alliance is positive that through such a serious of data science events, P2P companies of different sectors will be able to further develop and elaborate their abilities in data analysis to adjust and become more fine-tuned in their scoring and investment strategies.

More details about Data Science Competition 2018 are informed on the DACON website (http://dacon.io)

ZPER (web: www.zper.io)

ZPER is a ‘decentralized P2P(peer-to-peer) financial ecosystem’ using smart contract technology. Top P2P lending companies and robo-advisors have coalesced to provide a revolutionary method of fund transactions between borrowers and lenders worldwide. ZPER as a decentralized P2P ecosystem has a goal to enhance and expand value chains in the P2P finance market and provide all participants with reliable and reasonable trade opportunities. To this end, ZPER is creating a financial ecosystem with reliable P2P companies, diversified global investment portfolios to investors, and fair distribution of values shared by participants.

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