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ZPER and Seoul National University Establish New Revolution to Advance Data Scoring in P2P Financing


ZPER, a P2P financial alliance platform based on blockchain technology, is launching ‘Data Science Competition 2018’ for the advancement of P2P loan-scoring, along with Seoul National University Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SNU DSAIL).


The competition aims to create a new P2P loan-scoring solution by more precisely evaluating and predicting the P2P loans’ stability and delinquency rate while using diverse non-financial data that South Korean P2P financial companies in ‘ZPER Alliance’ have mutually acquired for many years.

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Starting on 13 August, the contest participants will receive and analyze various non-financial data from the ZPER’s P2P companies have utilized in their services, and with the data, be also able to selectively participate in the competition as each month opens three different questions from diverse business categories, including small business (August), medical (October) and real estate (November) industries.

This competition is open to anyone who is interested in data science and its application, including current undergraduate or graduate students or those who are already working in the field. The entries of the winners will be evaluated by SNU DSAIL before practical commercial application that will allow for creation of even safer and optimized P2P lending.


ZPER alliance is positive that through partnership such as this, P2P companies of different sectors will be able to further develop and elaborate their abilities in data analysis to adjust and become more fine-tuned in their scoring and investment strategies.

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