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Zorff Project Advanced Money Market


Zorff Review Secure Transfer and Payment

Zorff aims to provide the ultimate solution for all financial transactions including trading, exchange, payment and merchant transactions. A first-hand crypto currency with its own customized blockchain protocol, Zorff features an integrated payment solution and exchange platform which makes it complete and sustainable as it is interconnected with the fiat currency world. It is a decentralized intermediary which allows buyers and sellers to trade directly in any crypto and fiat currency using any method of payment. The Zorff bio-network offers a complete upgrade over existing payment and trading solutions.

Zorff is nothing like other traditional ICO tokens with lots of vague promises of possible future returns or idealistic visions which may never result into product. Verify this claim by the end of this video and understand how Zorff token holders are entitled to steady flow of dividends paid in a wide range of other crypto and fiat currencies.

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Problems that you solve – the size of market
The crypto space is a rapidly expanding industry and it is expected to do so continuously in the future. However, many existing systems and solutions are flawed and based on unbalanced principles which make them prone to manipulation, exploitation and fiasco. Zorff offers solutions such as speed, 24/7 performance, security, scalability and user familiarity through its distinct features.

Economics of the token
Zorff holders are assured of attractive potential dividend return on their initial investment as holders of Zorff tokens reserve rights to 82% of revenue generated on the Zorff market, hence an incentive to hold tokens. However, the exact valuation of the token has been decided by the public through the crowdsale event. Given that 75% of the Zorff tokens are available on market and another 10% of total Zorff tokens frozen for a year, Zorff team of experts adopted this model in order to provide the best long term value to investors. This initial evaluation also allows room for the market capitalisation of the company to rise naturally, through demand for Zorff on secondary markets.

Implementation stage
Zorff is currently at the token listing and team enhancement stage of this project.

Project’s road map

The team’s business approach and info about the team and advisors

Info about your MVP or product
Zorff platform offers an upgrade on existing payment and trading platforms with unique functionalities including the acceptance of multiple methods of payment, Simplified Fee Structure, Secure Smart Contracts, Maximum Speed, Ai-Powered Technology, User Friendly Contract Deployment, Advanced and Secure Payment Solution, Zorff Wallet, Decentralized Digital Assets Market, Payment Platform with Debit Card, Zero Intermediaries, Perpetuity, Transparency, Pseudonymity, Secure Process and Immutability.

What is the reason to buy your tokens right now?
The project has already gone to market with anticipated price increase as it lists on more exchanges.
Given that 65% of the tokens are controlled by the investors and 10% of tokens is frozen for a year, it is definitely rational to capture a good percentage of the token pool to try and maximize profit before the adoption of this platform as 83% of income generated on the platform will be distributed to token holders.
The growth in Zorff telegram group in recent times with a good stream of consistent questioning in the telegram feed, it is signal enough to buy

Tokens now before increase in token price through the hype around in new exchange.                     A few words about ETH rate and the reason why it is the best time now to invest in ICOs
Ethereum has a moment of truth approaching. With an anticipated breakthrough in its long-term trend-line, according to statistics and predictions, the price should test its current trend-line by December. Therefore it is rational to invest in ICOs now as there is an expectation of a future price rise in Altcoins.


Links of interest

Link of web: https://zorff.com
Link of white paper: https://zorff.com/assets/zorff-white-paper.pdf
Link of one pager: https://zorff.com/assets/zorff-one-page.pdf
Link of telegram: https://t.me/zorffglobal, https://t.me/zorffpay
Link to twitter: https://twitter.com/zorffpay

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