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You Can Now Try DigiByte (DGB) New iOS Wallet


DigiByte (DGB) has invited users to try the wallet it recently released on the Apple store. The move is a part of a drive to popularize the token, with marketing efforts picking up in the past few months.

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The wallet has been a long time in development and is seen as an important milestone in the promotion of DigiByte. The DGB phenomenon has become more noticeable in the past 3 months as trading volumes picked up on additional listings. The asset grew in terms of BTC prices, rising up to 100% in June although it later retreated. Over the past month, DGB has been moving between $0.03 and a bit above $0.04.

DigiByte remains tied to the price movements of Bitcoin (BTC), with only a fraction of the trades against Ethereum (ETH). The token is still seen as undervalued and remains thinly traded. Most of the activity occurs on Bittrex, as per on volume statistics at CoinMarketCap. The Korean exchange Upbit also has a significant share of DGB trading.

The DGB digital asset also has a relatively straightforward path to acquisition though one that is easier for US-based buyers. A campaign on purchasing the first DigiByte asset is currently running on Twitter:

DGB is worldwide supported, with niche exchanges added almost all the time. The asset is seen as potentially a fast and cheap coin for payments, but there are more ambitious plans for it to become a platform for distributed applications and Internet of Things record-keeping and transactions.

However, DGB comes with a volatility warning as the asset alternates between hype and deep sell-offs. The advantage is that the DigiByte project has existed for a long time and has proven its stability. On the other hand, it is fully decentralized; hence there is no authority or a fund to drive exchange adoption.

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