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Why Ethereum’s (ETH) Vitalik Buterin Boycotted Consensus 2018


As the Consensus 2018 event has finished only a few hours ago, really importart participant was visibly missing from the event in New York. That person is none other than the co-founder, creator and inventor of Ethereum (ETH), Vitalik Buterin. Mr. Buterin was also one of the original founders of Bitcoin Magazine that has gained prominence in the Crypto-space over the years.

Buterin had informed the Crypto-verse of his intention to Boycott the Consensus Summit this year via a Twitter by a  tweet a while back in mid February. In it, he had to say about the event:

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The Tweet was followed by the next screenshot that explains the issue further:


In this tweet, we can see, the first reason Vitalik decided to boycott the summit. Coindesk, being the host of Consensus, had published an article (screenshot above) that ‘promoted’ a scam directly. Perhaps the article was an honest mistake. Back in February, scams were not that easy to identify or writers were not cautious enough.

The essay was later updated with edits removing the said fake airdrop of OMG. But the damage had already been done. Buterin had decided not to attend.

He then gave 3 more reasons for his Boycott as defined below.

On 26.04, and on the same Tweeter thread as the first, Vitalik added that he was not pleased with Coindesk’s coverage of EIP 999. The tweet read as follows:

EIP 999 was a proposal to recover the funds that were locked up in the Parity Wallet.

A third reason Mr. Vitalik would not attend the Coindesk event was highlighted by him on the same day via twitter:

The fourth and final reason Vitalik was totally against the summit, was the exorbitant attendance fee of $2,000. Not too many Crypto-enthusiasts can afford to ‘cough out’ that amount of money. Buterin had this to say about the attendance price at the event:

To conclude, Vitalik Buterin put forth valid points for not attending the highly anticipated Consensus Summit that just concluded in New York City. One reason that might hit home for many Crypto-enthusiasts, was the $2,000 attendance fee. This is a large amount of money considering that the crypto-verse is based on the core principal of decentralization and having the ‘little guy’ have a say in the happenings of the market.

Maybe what Coindesk might have done to ease the feeling of being left out that many Crypto-enthusiasts might have experienced, was to have a few live feeds via the enormous social media sites and apps. Tron has been known to utilize social media very well when making announcements. Justin Sun and the Tron technical team utilize Twitter and Periscope whenever their is a vast announcement such as the recent TestNet launch on the 31.03.

There is no doubt that a similar live broadcast will be organized for the MainNet launch on the 31st of this month, that is less than 2 weeks away from now.


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