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Who Is Vitalik Buterin? Ethereum Project


Vitalik Buterin is one of the best-known names in the world of cryptocurrency. Buterin is the creator of Ethereum, the second-most valuable cryptocurrency network behind Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization. He has been actively involved in the Bitcoin community as a writer and developer since 2011. Vitalik Buterin first wrote about Ethereum in November 2013. He described it as “cryptocurrency 2.0″ since the idea of using “the Bitcoin blockchain for more than just money”. Vitalik was born in Russia and raised in Canada. Now he resides in Switzerland but but he travels arround the world spreading the good word of decentralization.

Vitalik Butering at CryptoWorld

When he discovered Bitcoin in 2011, Buterin quickly realized the importance of the blockchain and co-founded with Mihai Alisie the Bitcoin Magazine. This magazine is a digital and print newspapaer covering Bitcoin and crypto-related topics. He also began writing for other Bitcoin-related publications.  During this period Buterin was studying at Waterloo University. However like other movers and shakers before him, promptly dropped out. Spending six months wandering around the globe, the young man eventually hit upon an idea that would shape the future. Blockchain: rather than limit the blockchain to a ledger keeping track of a currency, Buterin conceived of a “generalized cryptoeconomically secured state machine architecture” that could simultaneously track and execute smart contracts, keeping track of massive amounts of information in a fully trustless and transparent manner.

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vitalik buterin
vitalik buterin

According to his website, Buterin conceived his idea because he wanted to move beyond “just being a cryptocurrency person”. He wished to acquire a more general perspective on the role of technology in the future. Despite potentially being a more generalized case of the Internet (that is, Ethereum could someday see itself in every home”), and fulfilling the Orwellian fears of technologists and luddites alike, Ethereum’s saving grace might be its trustless and decentralized nature, not to mention the ease with which laypeople will (ideally) someday be able to participate in the project, be it in the form of joining/starting a DAO and earning a passive income, or launching a dApp of their own – or one of the many ways in which Ethereum will function in the future that we aren’t aware of yet.

Belive it or not the Ethereum project

The future of Ethereum seems hard to pin down.  For those already familiar with cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Ethereum is either the bastard child threatening to overthrow Bitcoin from its rightful place as king of the cryptos. May be  the long-awaited savior that will bring the tech underlying Bitcoin to new heights and a mainstream awareness, thereby launching a future full of decentralized organizations. Also new business models for the young entrepreneur, and safe, legal smart contracts. Regardless, if you believe in the project it is hard to imagine what isn’t possible on the Ethereum infrastructure.  Already we have seen dApps ranging from prediction markets like Augur and Gnossis, to a solar power trading and selling platform in NYC.  With the promise of a peer-to-peer operated Internet, Ethereum stands to revolutionize third-world countries still struggling to catch up technologically with richer nations.  Suffice to say the future of Ethereum is bright, and it has Mr. Buterin to thank.

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