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Who Is Tuur Demeester? Chief of Adamant Research


Tuur Demeester is an investor and blockchain commentator. He is the Editor in Chief of Adamant Research.



Tuur Demeester is the Editor in Chief of Adamant Research, a financial and economic research firm focused primarily on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He is also an investor and commentator on developments in the blockchain space.

In 2011, Demeester launched an investment newsletter, *MacroTrends*, eventually passing the project onto a successor in 2013. He was also an Editor at wealth management firm Goldonomic.

In 2006, Demeester co-founded the Rothbard Institute, a Belgian research-oriented think tank focused on law and economic theory. He speaks at cryptocurrency conferences and is also a freelance translator of economic books.

Demeester started recommending Bitcoin as an investment when it was worth $5. He participated in angel investment rounds of blockchain startups CoinTerra and Kraken.

He studied a number of subjects, including economics and philosophy, at Ghent University.

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