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Who is Peter Todd?


Peter is one of Bitcoin’s most prominent open source developers. Todd is an advocate for cryptocurrency, and is vocal about the need for more effective (yet flexible) governance of Bitcoin and other alt-coins in the years to come.



Peter Todd is also an applied cryptography consultant known for his work on scalability, security and privacy. His aims and projects include peer review, outreach and education. In 2017

, he received a grant from bitcoin research and development group Chaincode Labs.

Todd is a long time contributor to bitcoin core, and the maintainer of the python-bitcoinlib and OpenTimestamps projects.

He has previously been involved with bitcoin startups Coinkite and DarkWallet.

Todd has a fine arts degree focused on the intersection of art and technology. He spent five years in analog electronics design in a geophysics sensing startup, and has also worked in embedded systems development and conventional programming experience.

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