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What Is Forge? Blockchain Powered 3D Printing


Forge Platform

The Forge platform will provide members with access to a database of 3D printable models, allows them to complete innovative design projects, and enables participation in a global decentralised supply chain.
Powered by Ethereum and IPFS, the Forge platform will allow clients, vendors, designers, and consumers to collaborate and achieve their goals in an online 3D printing ecosystem unlike any other.

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FMX Token

FMX is a utility token that will power the Forge platform. All rewards, membership costs and transactions on the Forge Platform are paid with FMX. Our mobile app makes managing FMX tokens effortless without compromising the user experience.
FMX tokens can be earned by uploading 3D models to the platform and is paid as bounties for completing design projects.


3D Printers

Set to revolutionise how 3D printing is used in a decentralised supply chain, Forge 3D printers will utilise our digital thread for the manufacture of products anywhere in the world.



-Is the white list open?  Yes click here to join.

-What is the token sale? The Token Sale is a process of selling FMX tokens created by the project team in order to raise funds for the project launch and product development.

-What is the total supply of FMX tokens? The total supply of FMX tokens is 100 million of which 65 million are offered for the token sale.

-Is registration and KYC mandatory to participate in Forge’s token sale? Yes, registration and KYC are mandatory to be eligible to participate in the token sale. Our primary goal is to ensure that our platform is trustworthy, transparent, and regulatory compliant. Therefore, all participants must be registered and fully KYCed.

-What forms of ICO payment are available? We accept ETH (Ethereum) payments only.

-Can I send funds from an exchange account? No. ETH must be sent from an external wallet. Sending from an exchange account will not work.


-Is there a minimum contribution? Yes. The minimum contribution during presale is 1 ETH.

-When and how will FMX tokens be distributed to token sale participants? Tokens will be released to buyers following the token sale via smart contract.

-How can I get FMX? To obtain FMX you have to participate in the crowdsale. FMX will be listed on all major exchanges after the crowdsale event. To participate in the crowdsale join the whitelist here.

-What is the hard cap? Our hard cap is USD 24.5 million.

-Can people from [my country] participate? Please refer to our whitelist registration links on our main ‘Token Sale’ page or click here for more information.

-Where can I read the whitepaper? Click here.

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