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What is a free Airdrop? Where I can find best free Airdrops in 2019?


Free Airdrops are ways to get money easily. Cryptocurrency projects use marketing promotions called free Airdrops to reach more audiences. A free crypto airdrop is when a blockchain project distributes free tokens or coins to the crypto community.

The Aidrop tell you to do a series of steps before you can get the free tokens. The requirements that are usually requested are some of this:

  • Twitter account: to ask you to
    Des retwitt or I like it. Create account.
  • Telegram account: to talk to a bot or join a channel. Create account.
  • Instagram account: to follow an account or like a photo. Create account.
  • Facebook account: to follow a page or like a post. Create account.
  • Email account: to register on their website. Create account.
  • Bitcointalk account: to comment on a post. Create account.
  • Discord account: to join a group. Create account.
  • Linkedin: to follow a page or like a post. Create account.
  • KYC (Know your Customer): to verify your identity.
  • Download APP / program.
  • Have an Ethereum Wallet to receive the tokens. Create account.

You can use your normal accounts for do free Airdrops or if you want to do several free Airdrops then you can create other accounts just to follow the steps of free Airdrops.

Airdrops are usually launched before a project is on the market. This means that we will not be able to get the money for a while. For this reason it is important to save the access data of each free Aidrop in order to obtain the money a few months later. The tokens are usually given in their own wallets or in an ethereum wallet (you can check if you have tokens in your ethereum wallet with ethplorer).

Free Airdrops is the free way to start in cryptocurrencies. Who did not want free money?

The best free Airdrops can be found in the Airdrops 2019 section of Prediction Coins. The Prediction Coins team analyzes and performs the Airdrop. If the free Airdrop meets the Prediction Coins criteria then they publish it for all users. They look for the best free Airdrops, check the requirements and tell how long it takes to carry it out. In addition, you can register for free and they will notify you by email when new free Airdrops are available as you can see in the next image.

Prediction Coins Airdrop Section

Now we are goin to show an example of one Airdrop in Prediction Coins. In this example we can see the name of the Airdrop, the stars that Prediction Coins Team give to the free Airdrop, the requirements (in this case just email), the instructions for do the Airdrop, an small explanation about the project and link to join the Airdrop.

Example of Airdrop in Prediction Coins Airdrop Section

If you fin this interesting, the you can go to the Airdrop Section of Prediction Coins and registered to be informed in all of the new Airdrops.

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