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Volkswagen & IOTA Will Release Blockchain Cars in 2019


The list of IOTA partnership’s becomes more and more exciting. Quite possible the the most exciting partnership has to be their ventures with Volkswagen the vehicle manufacturing giants. It appears that IOTA & Volkswagen will release blockchain enabled cars in 2019.

In the latest announcement by IOTA, they will be launching the Digital CarPass, which will see performance data tracked via IOTA, to ensure vehicle data collection is both reliable and secure. This is one of the latest ‘real-world’ integration’s of IOTA, and is expected to be launched in next year, 2019.

IOTA Partnership with Volkswagen

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The world of motoring is at the cusp of being radically modernised, and the distributed ledger is here to help speed things up. Driver less technology is a fascinating use case for the IOTA data marketplace because as the cars operate in various driving conditions all around the world, every bit of sensory data can be fed into the data silos to improve both the future products of the brand, and also be sold for the right price to those who need it.

Volkswagen are working closely with IOTA, so much so that their Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Johann Jungwirth has joined the IOTA foundation’s supervisory board.

The news about the VW IOTA partnership was announced in January 2018. Jungwirth is in charge of leading Volkswagen through the inevitable digital transformation.

Volkswagen have also launched a proof of concept, live testing the IOTA network.

Volkswagen, together with @iotatoken will show at  a proof of concept how the trusted transfer of software over-the-air to vehicles can be securely documented using the . Great example how distributed ledger technology can be used in the future

The Volkswagen group consists of 12 motoring brands, LamborghiniPorscheBentleyAudi & Bugatti to name just a few from the amazing list.

The skills, connections and influence Jungwirth can bring to the German based IOTA foundation could prove to be very significant.

Watch the VW CDO Talk about IOTA at the Bosch Connected world event 2018:

The Digital CarPass

The Digital CarPass is the main project which is being brought to fruition through the IOTA Volkswagen partnership. It was originally revealed as a proof of concept earlier in the year.

The project which was originally revealed at Cebit, and it will focus on utilising the Tangle network to deliver trusted vehicle software. The new CarPass will focus on capturing reliable data from Volkswagen automobiles in order to improve efficiency.

The CarPass is just one of five blockchain projects which is under development between IOTA and Volkswagen, including blockchain integration with luxury sports car Porsche, which is also owned by Volkswagen Group. Porsche are supposedly developing a “blockchain-based identity solution” which will allow multiple individuals to share vehicle access.

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