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TRON [TRX] Listed in Upbit, Bithumb and IDAX


The largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea, Upbit, trades over than 200 altcoins and 110 types of token transactions as they confirm their support towards the TRON blockchain migration on 22.05.2018. The exchange was launched by the Kakao Corp Team with the help of Bittrex a year back.

Upbit was put under pressure last week by the financial investigation team, the FSC, and the FSS after the company was suspected of transferring customer funds from their cryptocurrency exchange account to the account of a representative or an executive. However later this month, the charges were absolutely dismissed when Upbit claimed to have ‘never bought or sold cryptocurrencies that it did not own since it opened last October’.

Recently the second most valued Korean crypto-exchange, Bithumb was suspected of a Ponzi scheme with its launch of an airdrop termed ‘Popchain’. Bithumb is currently trading at 391,778,889 USD, at the time of writing, is supposed to join the TRON Foundation for the same reasons. This network accounts for 10% of all global Bitcoin transactions.

There’s a lot waiting for TRON this month, with its Virtual Machine launch on 25.5.2018, Mainnet launch on the 31.5.2018, and Token Migrations starting from 21st June. Tron supporters are expected to come to terms with lot many upgrades on the blockchain, for which crypto-exchanges like Upbit, Bithumb, IDAX will be sharing their team’s support and help with token migration. The founder of TRON, Justin Sun will announce the specified operating times separately.

As of now, his tweets read:

Justin Sun's tweet

Justin Sun’s tweet

The Tron supporters have been losing their heads over the team’s progress with their upcoming events like the 27 Super Representative election that is scheduled for 26.6.2018.

TRX is also announced to be added to the Mongolian National Team Exchange [IDAX] which has received its authorization from the Mongolian goverment becoming the first licensed exchange in Mongolia. It is said to issue fiat currency rivets with the help of their Central Bank. IDAX is looking forward to the upcoming events issued by the TRON Foundation.

Anton Zapolskyi, the CEO of Tradelize states:

“TRON has been experiencing some high volatility in the past couple of days, but with good reason. The community seems ecstatic about the TRON’s departure from Ethereum, and it could change blockchain development drastically. It’s an exciting time period, competition seems to be growing at the moment, which is very important for the growth of the cryptocurrency and blockchain movement. I believe this increased competition will only better trading, investing, and development. “

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