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Triggmine Evolves to Become the World’s First Decentralized Platform for Marketing Automation


The moment has come. We at Triggmine are excited to present our new concept. Over the years in the industry and day-to-day practice, we have come up with the idea to solve the main problem for small businesses in ecommerce — lack of expertise and resources. Here’s the story.

Triggmine’s Evolution

Triggmine, as it is now, has evolutionized in response to various market challenges and barriers we aim to eliminate.

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In 2016, our team presented a product focused on email marketing optimization for small and mid-sized businesses. It operates with the triggers and provides broad functional for testing market needs.

After the release, we have detected the pain point that restrained our growth:

  • SMBs are not really proficient in setting triggered emails.

That is why we have introduced self-adjusting email campaigns in the next version of Triggmine released in 2017 (Read more about it in Triggmine: The Alpha Release). Here, Artificial Intelligence is applied to perform analysis of large data sets and interpret them in a real-time mode.

Relieving the businesses of the need to configure email marketing activities manually, Triggmine (triggmine.com) has become a new fast-paced product in the field of marketing automation.

Not moving forward is moving back, so we sought the ways for the global transformation of Triggmine. We spent a year examining the state and drawbacks of marketing automation industry, and here is what we’ve learned:

  • Even the largest MA platforms like Marketo and Hubspot function with the limited services provided;
  • They cannot guarantee sales growth and take monthly subscription;
  • They are unaffordable for SMB starting from 20 000 USD annually;
  • Those affordable do not allow managing all marketing activities simultaneously.

Someone apparently had to fix it.

New Triggmine is born

Nine (and a half) months of brainstorming, researching, and communicating on developing a new upgraded concept, (no less than) one thousand six hundred and thirty-eight cups of coffee, six countries on three different continents visited (it was exciting) — and the result did not take long to wait.

The new Triggmine was born.

Triggmine has evolved from an email marketing automation service to an all-in-one decentralized platform for marketing automation.

Here is how the draft of our brainchild looked like, right in the palm of your hand:

That’s quite… incomprehensible, yes.

Let us make it clear. This thing will do magic with your marketing, in case you are an estore because it is:

  • Self-adjustable

Does not require manual intervention for best performance.

  • Fair. Democratic. Transparent

Requires payment only for useful action, no fee will be charged until estore gets its sales boosted.

We in Triggmine believe that it is time to help small businesses in ecommerce perform better to be able to compete with enterprises as, in the end, they work with the same audience, but resources available are far from being peer for SMBs and enterprises.

We bring an utterly new business model that will change the rules of the game on the existing market — a self-adjustable system with implemented AI and payment for effective action (sales), not a monthly subscription.

Light your fire?

Triggmine in Marketing Automation is like Tesla among engine cars. Tesla did not compete with existing cars, right? It has created a new concept.

Smartphone did not compete with “stupid” (analog) phones, it created a whole new dimension. This is exactly what we do in the new Triggmine — creating entirely new standard of marketing automation with blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Consensus protocol.

Businesses in ecommerce need to know that their revenue will grow and sales will boost when using marketing automation solutions.

Marketing providers should have a free market to offer their services.

Communication and interaction should be seamless and simple.

The Triggmine platform will unite them into a global marketing automation ecosystem. It will have four kinds of participants — estores, AI developers, data and marketing channels providers.

So here’s how Triggmine will actually work.

Online store connects to the platform.

Provides its customer data to the data provider, which enriches it with the other data collected from different channels — social, buying behavior, browser data, shopping history and many more.

Enriched data goes to AI developers, who analyze it and suggest estore to use specific marketing channels to upgrade its performance (boost sales).

Estore approves suggestions, and marketing channels providers deliver an optimal message to the customer through particular channel.

As a result — estore gets its sales boosted.

All existing solutions in Marketing Automation — starting from monoliths like Marketo and Hubspot to MAUTIC or Simplycast — require monthly subscription.

They give a tool, but not result.

We at Triggmine know the pain of small businesses, and present a remedy to cure it once and for all.

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Join the marketing revolution together with Triggmine!

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