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Top 5 Best YouTube Channels about Crypto-Trading and Investing in Cryptocurrency


YouTube is one of the most popular social-media platforms, widely used by people of all ages and backgrounds for entertainment and education. Many users started making money on YouTube by uploading videos and building communities around their channels.

Cryptocurrencies and crypto-trading are among the topics that are currently hot on YouTube and on the web in general, so it’s not surprising that the platform is flooded with people who claim to be experts in this field. Who should you actually trust?

We’ve compiled a list of the top five YouTubers who make videos on crypto-trading for you.

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  1. DataDash

DataDash is an informative channel posting videos on topics related to cryptocurrency, data analytics, and the analysis of global trends in these fields.

You can find three playlists: “Episodes,” in which DataDash discusses various topics; “Data Analytics for Beginners;” and one devoted specifically to trading tips. The content of the videos ranges from manuals for using the order book and standard moving averages to the dangers of overtrading.

DataDash has 316,000 followers and nearly 17 million views at the moment of this writing.

2. Suppoman

Suppoman is a channel for those looking to learn about cryptocurrency, trading, investment, and data analytics in a fun and entertaining way. The owner of the channel offers courses on cryptocurrency for especially keen learners.

There are nine playlists covering a range of topics on cryptocurrency analysis and ICO tips, reviews and collaborations, and trading. The “Day Trading Tips” playlist teaches you how to spot when cryptocurrency is about to soar, and provides tips on becoming an expert trader on Coinbase, Poloniex, and more.

The channel has 146,000 subscribers and 13.5 million views at the moment of this writing.

3. Ivan on Tech

This channel is managed by an educator specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

There are videos of his live talks and interviews, as well as videos on Bitcoin, software development, and GitHub analysis. In the playlists, you will find videos on trading and investment, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the cryptocurrency market.

Ivan has 190,000 subscribers and 11 million views at the time of this writing.

4. Crypto Investor

Crypto Investor is governed by a person in the cryptocurrency industry coming from a traditional background. Using his financial and analytical skills, he teaches you how to invest in stocks and cryptocurrencies while providing market analysis.

The six playlists on this channel cover a variety of topics: trading opportunities and mistakes, buy & hold strategies in Bitcoin, low-liquidity market, and others.

Crypto Investor has 146,000 followers and 7 million views at the moment of this writing.

5. Crypto Coin News

This channel specializes in daily news on all things cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, Verge, investments, and the cryptocurrency market.

In his playlists, the owner of this channel predicts the future of the cryptocurrency market and cryptocurrency prices, reflects on ways to invest, and describes blockchain benefits, artificial intelligence algorithms, crypto wallets, and more. There are videos for beginners as well as for more advanced users. Newsletter videos on topics related to cryptocurrency comprise the majority of the content.

Crypto Coin News has 128,000 followers, and is close to 9 million views at the time of this writing.

How Can They Benefit You?

YouTubers who cover crypto trading can help those who are launching their own cryptocurrencies or ICOs.

Until recently, traditional marketing has been the main form of advertisement: billboards, television, newspapers. However, now that YouTube and other online media platforms are becoming increasingly popular, influencer marketing is getting more prevalent — and more effective than targeted ads. Individuals who have influence over potential customers deliver consumer-oriented content via YouTube and other channels.

Vloggers can deliver marketing messages in a variety of ways: reviews, references, collaborations, or sponsorships. This is technologically-facilitated, word-of-mouth marketing that allows one to reach a wider audience. The process of partnering with a video blogger is straightforward:

  1. Analyze your needs and identify your target audience.
  2. Search for YouTubers who suit your criteria according to their field of expertise, number of views and followers, etc.
  3. Reach out to the channels that satisfy your requirements, and negotiate the terms.

This task can be made a lot easier by using a specialized platform for building cooperation between vloggers and brands.

There are many benefits inherent to cooperation with influencers. The four key benefits include:

  • You will receive a great return on investment. Collaboration with a well-chosen influencer will result in a massive increase in your customer flow, since YouTube is such a big and diverse platform.
  • Traditional marketing will never outcompete word of mouth in persuasiveness. It is reasonable that people are more likely to listen to the advice of an authentic human being rather than a lifeless ad on Facebook or Google.
  • Videos are the most effective tool when it comes to delivering a message. Most people are visual learners, and will find it easy to believe the speaker.
  • Niche targeting allows for accurate focus on potential investors. Hence, you’re more likely to get a substantial profit.

In Conclusion

Apart from entertainment, YouTube is an excellent educational platform and tool for promotion. Using influencer services is an excellent means of increasing the amounts and diversity of your audience, gaining greater profit for your business, and receiving many other benefits and opportunities. Start a great partnership journey by finding your influencer now.

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