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Tokensoft to Integrate on Stellar Lumens Protocol (XLM)


Tokensoft, a token sale platform, has announced that it will now support projects built on Stellar protocol. The ICO services platform has begun accepting Stellar as payment in token sales and issuing their tokens using the Stellar Lumens platform.

Tokensoft is a company which aims to provide tools necessary for secure token sales. Mason Borda, the CEO and co-founder of Tokensoft wrote in a Medium post that TokenSoft has been receiving requests for Stellar support since Q4 of 2017. They launched ‘full lifecycle support from Stellar Lumens and tokens on Stellar blockchain’. “We noticed that not only was there demand for Stellar but also entrepreneurs and companies were beginning to use Stellar,” said Borda.

“We feel that the toolsets and the underlying infrastructure do provide the maturity for us to provide official support. We’re excited to announce that if you want to receive payments for lumens, we can provide support,” commented finally Borda on the Stellar network.

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The rationale behind the Support

Borda also listed out the reasons on why they chose to provide support for Stellar. The first thing he pointed out was the Stellar token’s easily programmable functionality. The tokens can support multiple functions like multi-signature authorizations, the distribution of dividends, limitations on who can hold tokens etc. The co-founder went to praise the ‘well-maintained and stable’ Stellar nodes. “The maturity of the toolsets around the Stellar infrastructure helped us start testing and get to production in days,” he said.

The most attractive feature of Stellar for both individual investors and institutional investors would be its transaction characteristics. The Stellar platform takes pride in its negligible transaction fees and fast-paced transactions. Stellar network only takes less than a cent for each transaction and the whole affair comes to an end in five seconds.

This news comes in the wake of Stellar- based Lightyear Co joining hands with Chain.inc to form a company named Interstellar . The new company will migrate Chain’s customer base and products onto Stellar’s global public ledger, which will help organizations to issue, exchange and manage assets.

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