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Tim Draper Says Cryptocurrency Market Will Eventually Hit $80 Trillion


The influential venture capitalist Tim Draper has given hope to those who might not be loving the current climate of the cryptocurrency market. He explained last Friday that he believes while prices and market capitalizations might move a lot, and could decrease for the moment, but that the market would eventually reach $80 trillion within the next 15 years.

Draper elaborated that he believes that once people realize that cryptocurrency is targeting trillion dollar markets, the cryptocurrency market, in general, would reflect their value more accurately. He made the statements recently at a Singapore summit.

Tim Draper, the PermaBull

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It should be explained that Tim Draper has been extremely positive about cryptocurrency for some time now, and gained cryptocurrency fame for purchasing seized Bitcoins from the Silk Road marketplace website, at a US Marshals Auction. At the said auction, he made a massive purchase of over 30,000 Bitcoin for under $20 million, specifically.

He has been vocal about his criticisms of governments who downplay cryptocurrency, recently suggesting that the Bitcoin should “replace the rupee” after it was revealed in April that India’s central bank would no longer manage crypto-related accounts.

Predicting the Future

Tim Draper has also been known for the accuracy of his 2014 prediction, where he boldly stated that Bitcoin would be worth $10,000 within three years. Tim, an early investor in some of the most influential tech companies in the world, such as Skype, Tesla, and Twitter, has long been respected in the Silicon Valley community, but his early support of Bitcoin was met with skeptics and critics.

However, it is clear that Draper was in fact proven right, as Bitcoin reached a price of over $19,000 in December 2017 – almost double over $10,000. Many praised Draper for his foresight.

In addition to his $80 trillion claims, Draper has also made the prediction that Bitcoin would reach a price of $250,000 by 2022, as well.

The Logic Behind It

The venture capitalist is not making these statements ironically, or without any philosophy behind his bet. He essentially believes that there is about $80 trillion in currency in the world, and that essentially what will happen is that fiat currency will be replaced with cryptocurrency.

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