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There Are 3500 Installed Bitcoin ATM in the World!!


The number of Bitcoin ATM machines (BATM) installed across the world has crossed the 3,500 threshold, according to Coinatmradar.com.

Bitcoin ATMs are installed in over 70 countries in the world. Two thirds of them are concentrated in North America. Out of a total of 3,504 BATMs worldwide, 2163 are installed in the United States, and 613 in Canada. Los Angeles has the most number of BATMs in the United States, 253, followed by Chicago with 183 ATMs.

Coin ATM Radar data shows an increase leap in the number of ATMs coming up this year.

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According to it, there were only less than 2000 Bitcoin ATMs in the world in 2017.

The highest increase was recorded in the United States. From more than 800 Bitcoin ATMs in 2017, the number of BATMs installed in the country has currently risen to 2163.

Continentwise, Europe is in second position, with a share of 21.17 %. The rest of the world together account for less than 5 % of the total BATMs.

More than 1,800 machines support alternative coins such as litecoin and ether.

Genesis Coin and General Bytes make up over 50 % of all installations. Markets seem to be seeking two-way alternative machines, allowing users to jump in and out of fiat and crypto, as those BATMs are growing in total market share, Bitcoin News reports.

The United States’ first Bitcoin ATM machine was installed in a casino in Las Vegas in 2013.

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