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The Tip Token: Revolutionize the way you manage your cryptocurrencies


The Tip Token (TTT) is a fully decentralized Token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides a fast and simple way to tip anyone around the globe, instantly. This is posible thanks to a considerable simplification of the blockchain address system. The utility of the token is that leverages blockchain technology to disrupt the way tips are given. Essentially, it is a an ERC20 compliant token, and intends to use smart contracts to establish the world’s pioneering automated and decentralized tipping solution, that is also all-encompassing. As expected TTT transactions are fast and instantaneous.

What they want to achieve?

TTT, intends to use its smart contract capabilities to create the first real world decentralized and automated solution for tipping anyone, anywhere, upon any conditions, with transactions taking place at near instant speeds.

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The gateway to making this vision a reality lies within the TTT platform. The Tip Token is accompanied by a decentralized platform allowing the facilitation between people being tipped and people tipping. Whom will be able to self manage, edit and adjust their own personal smart contracts dictating The Tip Token directly on the platform.

The TTT token and Platform ambitions differ from current digital currencies by aiming to:

  • Considerably simplify the blockchain address system by replacing the traditional 40 characters public key utilized to identify an individual’s wallet with personalized short address names attached to each wallet.
  • Encourage tipping by rewarding the tippers through various advantages provided directly by the content owner or service provider.
  • Contribute and encourage the use of TTT tokens as a means for conducting transactions using TTT’s Proof of Action Algorithm. POA rewards users for consistently using TTT as a value transaction.

-How is the blockchain simplified?

Wallet address of TTT on the Ethereum blockchain always starts with 0x followed by 40 alphanumeric characters. This address is an essential component of any transaction involving TTT tokens. However, due to its complex nature, most user are obligated to write it down or save it somewhere to avoid -forgetting.

TTT will revolutionize this addressing system, providing a mechanism where user can choose their desired username. While this new system will still maintain the support for alphanumeric characters, TTT wants the new addresses to resemble social media handles or email usernames.

-SAN -Short Address Name

With the Tip Token, everyone is able to link his ERC20 wallet address to a Short Address Name (SAN) of his choice. We utilize the properties of ERC721 tokens to assing ownership to each Ethereum address with a custom SAN. These SANs are unique and owned by each individual address, validated through the blockchain, and can be used for transfers and traded in a decentralized manner with ease on TTT’s marketplace. Moreover, each SAN created generates a unique image, a sanage, usable exactl like a QR code but customizable.

Initial Token Offering

-Important dates:

  • -25th of April – 13th of May 2018: TTT Private sale
    If you want to join the private sale, fill in the application form HERE
  • -16th of May – 3rd of June 2018: TTT Pre-sale
    register right now to join the whitelist HERE
  • -13th of June – 1st of July 2018: TTT Crowdsale



  • 15% of the tokens distributed to private investors funding the project on its early stage.
  • 20% of the tokens distributed in the pre-sale to early whitelisted contributors.
  • 30% of the tokens distributed in the crowdsale.
  • 15% of the tokens reserved for the ecosystem & airdrops.
  • 20% of the tokens blocked for the team.


Referrals: 100 tokens for every invested ETH + 20 tokens for the referred person.
Excluded Countries: USA, China & Singapore, except if they are accredited investors
Whitelist Process: YES, already started
ICO Plattform: Ethereum ERC20 Token
Soft Cap:
0 (850 000 TTT already sold) Hard Cap: $15.75m / 390 000 000 TTT
Maximum Supply: 600 000 000 tokens
Raised Funds Allocation: 40%  Product Development and Incubation for future ideas / 25% Partnerships and interoperability with other platforms / 25% Market and customer expansion focus / 10% exchanges listings and advertising purposes
Token: 1 TTT token =  $0.045
Solved Problem: The Tip Token makes everyday payments in cryptocurrencies easy and is meant to transfer small amounts from person to person in the easiest way. Instead of using long public keys, your wallet will get a so-called SAN, a short address name you can register within their app. This will make blockchain payments fast and easy. Furthermore TTT will issue airdrops, lotteries laddered rewards for top-tip’ers and even browser games where you can earn these tokens by playing riddle/enigma games.


Links of interest:

Website: https://thetiptoken.io/
Whitepaper: Whitepaper
Social Media: Facebook | Telegram | Twitter | Reddit | LinkedIn | Medium | ANN Thread
Github: https://github.com/thetiptoken                                                                                                            Medium: https://medium.com/@pr_43965



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