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The Menlo Token Sale Is Open


We’re thrilled to announce that the Menlo One token sale is officially open.

Menlo One is a second layer which uses multiple blockchains synergistically to overcome the limitations around user experience, speed, and security, which have stunted widespread adoption of dApps. It leverages a Proof-of-Reputation system which solves issues around identity and governance. With Menlo One, developers can build the Web 3.0 generation of marketplaces, social media platforms, DAOs, financial products, and other dApps that everyone has been anticipating.

Why the Menlo ONE Token? 

The Menlo ONE token is used to pay Content Nodes for serving blockchain data from lightning fast Content Nodes. Users can also get paid in ONE tokens for using dApps, their attention, and for in dApp actions like posting or comments. The ONE token is the keystone of the Menlo One ecosystem, and will power the next generation of tech startups.

Key Dates


Power Hour–30% Bonus — Sept 17th.

Week 1 — 15% Bonus — Sept 17th through Sept 23th, 2018.

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Week 2 — 10% Bonus — Sept 24th through Sept 30th, 2018.

Week 3 — 5% Bonus — Oct 01nd through Oct 07th, 2018.

Week 4 — 0% Bonus — Oct 08th through Oct 15th, 2018.

Token Information

Token name: Menlo Token

Token symbol: ONE

Total tokens available: 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)

Tokens available in sale: 354,000,000 (354 Million)

Additional Details

  • The token sale is not open to US buyers.

Official Sale Information

Always check every link, article, social media post, and the like, you find about the Menlo One ICO. Be extra aware of scammers impersonating admins or sending you private messages.

You should ONLY use the following official URLs:

Token Sale Site: https://tokensale.menlo.one

Website: https://menlo.one

Blog: https://medium.com/menlo-one

Telegram: https://t.me/menloone

Twitter: https://twitter.com/menloone

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