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The Acute Crypto-Solution Called ACUTECOIN


Cryptocurrency has opened the doors for different innovations and solutions in recent times and changed the way the world envisions, imagines, and thinks finance. One of the greatest cryptocurrency revolutions to occur is the entrance of the new cryptocurrency ICO coin, AcuteCoin.

AcuteCoin is made up of a team of Cryptocurrency traders, effective miners and highly informed blockchain technology consultants, making its ICO the forerunner to the most productive idea in the blockchain world. The AcuteCoin team instituted a group of professionals from every aspect of the industry to ensure that they achieve the highest degree of success thereby serving you better. AcuteCoin is a multi-platform investment opportunity which offers investors a myriad of investment potential.

Our lending platform has several number of benefits beyond lending. Away from the regular crypto-lending, the coin also allows you to earn revenue through mining, trading, buying, and selling of Bitcoin and Altcoin’s.

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The funds generated will be used in the following ways highlighted in the diagram below:


Income Sharing
AcuteCoin members will enjoy the benefits of sharing in the overall growth of the platform. The operations will establish physical mining operations within an economically friendly environment. The AcuteCoin team will be accumulating and managing a cryptocurrency portfolio with a focus on small cap coins and tokens with the greatest potential. The income earned from these efforts will be shared among the members of AcuteCoin community.

Our cryptocurrency offers an ICO built after the Litecoin concept on which POW, POS and x11 algorithm have been installed. These security features are preventative measures from the theft or duplication and are based on cryptographic protocols that are extremely difficult to breach, giving you a complete assurance that your investment is safe with AcuteCoin. The developers of AcuteCoin place high sensitivity on functionality so as to ensure the highest level of security for its investors.

The Merchant Debit Card Idea
To ensure a marketplace where users interact, meet and trade, AcuteCoin integrates Social platforms into its design system to ensure the easy of access to user accounts and fast access to support staff. Now you can deal with real people, with whom you can connect to share investment possibilities and strategic trading ideas.

Social Interaction
To ensure a marketplace where users interact, meet and trade, AcuteCoin integrates Social platforms into its design system to ensure ease of access to user accounts and quick access to support. Now you can deal with real people, with whom you can connect to share investment possibilities and strategic trading ideas.

Ease of Use
The AcuteCoin platform is strong developed with a mobile cryptocurrency exchange, APP, which will be attached to the post-ICO AcuteCoin Debit Card. Users will have access to the mobile cryptocurrency exchange APP, enabling the AcuteCoin members to trade and transfer profits to their debit card. The debit card allows users to spend, earn and much more.

Exciting Games and Rewards
AcuteCoin will offer exciting games within its member’s area allowing users to play and earn AcuteCoin’s. Our gaming platform allows you to have fun playing while earning rewards in AcuteCoin. Here at AcuteCoin, we thoroughly follow the saying “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”, except that here even when playing, you are getting paid.

As well, there are several ways through which you can earn profits as an AcuteCoin member. Trading, Buying and Selling, AcuteCoin Affiliate & Bounty Programs, Cryptocurrency Portfolio, AcuteCoin Staking, Mobile Crypto Currency Exchange and Debit Card service provider. You can earn so much more than you imagined possible. We will now proceed to shed more light on some of the ways listed above:

Referrer Program: The AcuteCoin team believes in the theory of rewarding members in every way they can. So, they came up with the referrer program, the scheme works thus; for every new member that joins the team courtesy of a previous member’s recommendation, the inviting member gets paid. This in turn has fostered both organizational and individual growth.

Staking For Profit: Members can also get massive return on investments by holding AcuteCoin in their wallets. This can be done through the AcuteCoin Web wallet or Desktop wallet which will be launched in August 2018. Another massive bonus this brings is AcuteCoin runs a “no limit” staking policy i.e. you can hold as much coins as you want in your wallets thereby increasing your profits. The staking will be 4% per month for the first quarter and then 10% annually.

Lending: This works by utilizing the AcuteCoin algorithmic trading bots. Members receive interest on a daily basis by lending liquidity to the aforementioned AcuteCoin algorithmic trading bots.

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Website https://acutecoin.io/

Facebook https://m.facebook.com/AcuteCoinGroup/

Twitter https://twitter.com/acutecoin

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/acute_coin/

Telegram https://t.me/AcuteCoinGroup


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