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Stellar (XLM) and Lisk (LSK) Ahead Of Bitcoin In Latest Ranking


China’s latest ranking has placed Stellar (XLM) and Lisk (LSK) ahead of Bitcoin (BTC). The ranking which is purposely created for blockchain technology based on their applicability is a creation of China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute (CCID) and the China Software Testing Center (CSTC).

Renowned researchers and professors in Tsinghua and Beijing University contribute to the success of this ranking. The latest ranking, for August, ranked EOS as the number one cryptocurrency followed by Ethereum but surprisingly put Bitcoin at the 10th position.

In the ranking, Komodo, Nebulas, NEO, Stellar, Lisk, GXChain, and Steem were ranked ahead of the almighty Bitcoin because they have dependable applicability and technology that outweigh BTC. However, in areas of innovation, Bitcoin was given credence may be due to its long track from creation.

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CCID gives credence to smart contract protocols and blockchain networks which support Decentralized Applications (DApps) this is because the institution’s criteria are centered on tech and application.

With 104.3 points, EOS received the highest point in the category of technology. Analysts say this may be due to its proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm with the potential of processing a high number of transaction in a short time. This makes EOS to be better than ETH or BTC in the face of CCID and CSTC. Interestingly, Ethereum came 2nd in the ranking.

Stellar XLM May Be Listed On Coinbase Sooner Than Expected

Stellar, which was ranked ahead of Bitcoin is being observed by Coinbase. The coin may be listed ahead of other top cryptocurrencies owing to its use cases and desire to solve problems the society in our society, especially the ones that have to do with cross-border remitting. There is believe that this coin may be listed ahead of Ripple (XRP), which many people opined deserve a space on Coinbase than digital currencies like BCH and Ethereum Classic that was recently hacked.

Crypto Adoption Is Key

The cryptocurrency market has been skydiving in recent time. However, there is hope that with more use cases and mass adoption, crypto will upsurge and stay atop while fiat currency devalue. When cryptocurrency becomes what stores in small areas demand, the price of Bitcoin will travel to the moon.

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