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Smarter Than Crypto – The First Tokenized SMARTER THAN BETA Cryptocurrency Portfolio



Cryptocurrencies have grown exponentially since their creation in 2009 and while growth has been strong, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies as a whole is still only a fraction of that of Gold or US Equities – which is itself only a fraction of the global stock investment market. There is still room for considerable growth. There are now thousands of cryptocurrencies to choose from, with more appearing each day. Choice paralyzes – choice adds cost, complexity and the need for advice. High risk, extreme volatility and practical difficulty compound to render buying and safely storing an effective and diverse portfolio of coins (cryptocurrencies) is a complex problem.


SMARTER THAN CRYPTO (“STC”) is the world’s first cryptocurrency-only SMARTER THAN BETA tokenized portfolio that will autonomously maintain a diverse portfolio of up to the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization ACTIVELY MANAGED. SMARTER THAN CRYPTO‘s scientifically proven quantitative model is achieving twice the upside of Bitcoin or Ethereum but only having 1/3 of the market‘s downside.

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In order to continue to have an efficient portfolio in regards to return and risk over time, SMARTER THAN CRYPTO’s asset portfolio is adjusted regularly in a process called rebalancing. SMARTER THAN CRYPTO is a utility token that is representative of a portion of the total value of the CRIX -Crypto index. The initial tokens can only be acquired during the token offering process which is a one off, closed cap offering. SMARTER THAN CRYPTO cuts out the middleman and is thus able to offer the lowest fees in the industry. The smart contract allows participants to cash out for their share of the underlying assets at any time. This means that SMARTER THAN CRYPTO’s value on exchange will be protected – it will be irrational to sell at a price lower than the tokens share of the underlying assets if a higher price is offered via the smart contract. Token holders are free to sell or exchange their tokens at any time and pay no exit fees, broker fees or advice fees. Operating on the blockchain allows for global accessibility, 24/7 trading, transparency, public verification of SMARTER THAN CRYPTO’s holdings and no expensive legacy banking fees.


The ICO funds will go towards purchasing the underlying assets. A small allocation (1.5%) for operating expenses is made for Post-ICO Audit, legal fees etc. to ensure that SMARTER THAN CRYPTO is compliant with regulation upon commencement of exchange trading and a complete audit of received funds by a  major auditing firm. Any unused funds from the 2% operating expense allocation will be utilized in a discretionary capacity once SMARTER THAN CRYPTO has commenced on-going trading.

– 1.5% Marketing and Investor Relations
– 1.5% Operations
– 0.5% Advisors
– 1.0% Bounty Program
– 87% ICO Participants (Token Pre-sale and Token sale)

The only opportunity for future participants to buy these tokens post-ICO will be from ICO participants on exchange – no further tokens will be sold or minted. 100% of the ICO funds will go towards purchasing the underlying assets.

The PRE-ICO & ICO calendar will be published on smarterthancrypto.com

Token Type: ERC20, Ethereum Blockchain
Token Symbol: STC
Maximum Supply (Hard Cap): 100,000,000
Available for Purchase: 87,000,000

Price per token: Pre-sale: $0.90 (first 10,000,000 tokens)
First 48 hours of ICO: $0.95
48 hours to week 2 of ICO: $1.00
Week 2-till end of ICO: $1.05

No new coins will be minted, created or mined after the ICO

Pre-Sale Period: 22nd January 2018 800am UTC to 31st March 2018 800am UTC
Main ICO Sale Period: 13th May 2018 800am UTC to 10th June 2018 800am UTC

Team tokens will vest over two years via a smart contract ‘vault’ to align team incentives with ICO participants.



Salus Alpha is the manager of Smarter Than Crypto (STC) and is a licensed asset manager with a life track record of 15 years. Our model has 15 years track record in the Managed Futures Space. We are a Quant manager now for 30 years and the firm for 15 years. So the experience in financial markets in the company is 100 years plus.

Oliver Prock
CEO and Founder:

Harald Heidinger
Managing Director:

Viktoria Lenth
Brand Management and Marketing:

Anke Engel
Communications and Channel Management:

ICO site: https://www.smarterthancrypto.com


Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2779260.msg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Smarter_Crypto
Medium: https://medium.com/@smartercrypto
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SmarterThanC
Github: https://github.com/SmarterCrypto
Telegram: https://t.me/stc_tokens
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/SmarterCrypto/
Youtube: https://youtu.be/CctgM15g7iI

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