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Ripple (XRP) Goes Viral With New Announcements


Today, Kuwait’s biggest Islamic lender disclosed it will join RippleNet. Kuwait Finance House will join Ripple’s network of banks and payment providers and adopt Ripple’s blockchain to lower the cost and improve the speed of cross-border payments.

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The news is the latest in a string of high profile announcements and adoption for Ripple. This week, Ripple goes viral social and mainstream media after Ashton Kutcher sat down on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and sent $4 million in XRP to Ellen’s Wildlife Fund in Rwanda, in an instant transfer that occurred on air.

Soon after, the global real estate company Propy announced that you can now purchase and sell homes in XRP.

Meanwhile, digital payment platform Uphold completed its integration of XRP, allowing users to buy the crypto with USD, as well make deposits and withdrawals.

Not to be outdone, mobile banking app Revolut finally completed its implementation of XRP, giving its over 2 million customers the ability to buy and sell the digital asset.

In addition, the online private jet charter company TapJets said it plans to add XRP as a payment option from June 1st.

Finally, social trading network and multi-asset brokerage company eToro launched a study of its clientele, revealing that XRP is the most popular asset on its platform, across all age groups.

Ripple also continues to gather feedback from its community, after proposing a new symbol for XRP.

The Impact On XRP

This is yet another good news for cryptocurrencies at large and most especially the Ripple cryptocurrency. This could be another chance to drive the price of XRP back above $1 as seen sometime in the past.

Ripple In Court

As reported, Ryan Coffey, who is one of a major investor of the Ripple cryptocurrency had of recently filled a complaint on behalf of other investor saying only just 20 % of Ripple is in circulation with the other 80 % kept by Ripple Labs.

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