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Rebate Coin Blockchain-Based Discount system


What is Rebate Coin?

This is an accumulative program for everyone. Buyers will accumulate points on their account when shopping for any products and services with partner companies in the Rebate Coin system. Besides, buyers will get extra points in addition to basic ones for participation in promotions and special offers within the Rebate Coin system.

Accumulated points can lbe used in thc Rebate Coin system, at partner outlets when paying fot products or services. Settlements between the participants in the Rebate Coin system are carried out in internal system tokens (RBC). Accumulated points are converted into RBC and credited to the seller’s account at the moment of payment.

No additional costs are required for partipip ation ia the Rebate Coin systems. You can just do your daily shopping like before, but now you will be credited points to your virtual card in the Rebate Coin system for this shopping. The accumulated points can be exchanged for a variety of rewards from the program catalog or for products and services directly at the partner outlets of the system.

You accumulate much more points if you buy products and services from all partners in the system. Using special offers helps accumulate points even faster.

The blockchain use in the Rebate Coin system will secure theglobal availability ot discounts within this system and the transparency of accumulation, accrual and use of accumulated points, as well as mutual settlements between partners in this system.

How the Rebate Coin system works?

When you present a Rebate Coin virtual card using the Rebate Coin mobile app before paying for products and services with the system partners, a certain number of points are credited to your account in accordance with the rules for their accrual.

Rebate Coin mobile app

A mobile app ensures interaction of partners and users with the system.

Partners can set up one or several outlets (stores or facilities) here and set up a discount policy; personal account allows to track full information on all the provided discounts and mutual settlements with the system. One can also control the withdrawal or use of points and the ongoing promotions.

The mobile app allows users of the system to view information about accumulated points and manage the discounts use: view information about ongoing promotions, products and services offered within the system. Besides, the mobile app can show the outlets or facilities that are partners of the Rebate Coin system nearest to the buyer, using geolocation.

Potential consumers

Any individuals or legal entities shopping in stores or paying for services at varios facilities can become consumers of the system and use their virtuai card to accumulate points for shopping and then use them to get discounts from any partners in the system, as well as to purchase products or services from tle system catalog for accumulated points.

Potential project partners

Potential project partners can be any stores and facilities that provide various services worldwide. The project partners can see the discounts provided and the accumulated points (paid by consumers for providing discounts) in the personal account or mobile app , and dispose of them at their discretion.

In more detail on a project site https://rebcoin.io

Our WP https://rebcoin.io/docs/wp_rebate_coin_(en).pdf

Our chat https://t.me/Rebate_Coin

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