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Qompass Connects the Realms of Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Financial Markets


Qompass is a smart, new generation, crypto investment platform that supports trading, Financing and Peer-To-Peer exchange within the emerging crypto economy. Users interact with the platform through the mobile app and their Qompass card. The multifunctional debit card and hardware wallet system, allows users to transfer and withdraw funds from their debit card using the mobile app.

Qompass has a rich ecosystem of Application Programming Interface (API) protocols that ensure the safety of user financial and capital market operations globally. By utilizing blockchain fully distributed ledger functionality to make every transaction tamper-proof and corruption free, Qompass aims to restore traders` trust in the 294 trillion dollars global financial market. The platform is a self-aware blockchain supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has proven itself to be considerably faster than Ethereum or Bitcoin. Qompass supports more than 30,000 transactions per second. The platform has been built to support financial transactions and high frequency trading at the lowest cost. The cross-chain smart contract functionality of Qompass allows smart contracts to work on multiple blockchains which further enhances the flexibilty and dynamics of the platform.

What Qompass has to offer?

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Founded in Hong Kong in 2017, Qompass blockchain has lead to the ceration of a variety of innovative products and services.

Crypto Payment Cards ​

The platform introduces the ingenious Qompass Payment Card-Wallet. A multifunctional debit card and smart hardware wallet with an instant access to the blockchain. Users can easily make POS terminal payments or withdraw FIAT money from an ATM. Qompass also has Mobile Wallet payment options that facilitate contactless payments via NFC and QR.

Crypto Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Exchange

Crypto earnings within the platform can be cashed out with no limitations whatsoever. In
order to create its peer-to-peer exchange, Qompass has been negotiating with 25 renowned international financial institutions. Users can cash out their crypto earnings through the 5 banks that have already agreed to buy large amounts of major crypto currencies from Qompass.

Open API Platform

Qompass’s API allows banks, financial institutions, and investors to link directly to the platform. Thanks to this open API platform, financial institutions, banks and exchanges can safely integrate their day-to-day activities directly into Qompass’s liquidity pool.

Qompass Trader

An AI-powered platform that constantly researches and analyzes trade patterns, then makes trade recommendations for maximum profit. The Qompass Trader is a multi-asset trading and research platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and neural networks. Users get accurate and reliable trade hints and news 24/7. The AI plugin of the platform examines and determines ICO crowd behavior, then recommends highly profitable ICOs.

Blockchain-Based Financing

The Qompass Coin (QPS) can also be used as collateral for loans in altcoins or FIAT money. Industry regulations and crypto open trading restrictions in some parts of the world have lead to the launch of Qompass Blockchain-Based Financing solution that allows users to benefit even more from blockchain finance and trading technology. Any Qompass user can secure a loan from anyone on the platform. ​

The Qompass ICO (QPS Token) Sale

Qompass is currently selling its QPS tokens during a token sale that started in the beginning of April, 2018. Qompass has a total public supply of 33 million QPS tokens of which 20 million will be available during the token sale. 60% of the total supply of tokens will be utilized during the crowdsale. 20% of the remaining tokens will be allocated for research and development , 10% for marketing, 5% for project advisors and 5% for legal fees.
The Qompass platform provides cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors with an unlimited access to funding pools within the established global financial network. Qompass is revolutionary blockchain technology that has the enormous potential to disrupt global financial markets by conveniently combining, optimizing and securing multiple types of financial activity.


Website: https://qompass.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/QompassMarkets

Telegram: https://t.me/Qompass

Whitepaper: https://qompass.io/#wht-paper


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