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Q&A with upcoming NEXT.exchange trading platform Founder


– Hello Chris, First of all can you please introduce yourself and give us an idea of what is NEXT.exchange?

Hello, I’m Christiaan Steenbergen, Founder and Lead Engineer of NEXT.exchange, a cryptocurrency trading platform from the Netherlands. NEXT.exchange is a hybrid exchange platform.

-Thanks! What special services does your platform provide users?

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We’re a new platform, but it will not be difficult for users to trade with us as we kept simplicity in mind throughout every step of the building process. Let me tell you what I think makes us special.

For starters, we provide our users with over 100 digital assets to trade, with more to be added over time. At the moment we support all Bitcoin, ERC20, XEM, NEO, and SYS based assets. Each asset is paired with Bitcoin, Ethereum, our platforms own token, NEXT, and various fiat currencies such as the British Pound, Ruble, US Dollar, Euro, Chinese Yen, and Turkish Lyra.

Secondly, we don’t have one massive cryptocurrency wallet for our platform, like most centralized exchanges. That opens up avenues for breaches, financial losses, and all kinds of other mischief. We built our exchange differently, each user has his or her own cryptocurrency wallet for each respective asset. Every single transaction made by a user on our platform is accompanied with a transaction hash and can be tracked real time. This takes a lot of stress off of our shoulders as a team as well, because there is no central point of failure on our platform. With that feature, you could call us a hybrid exchange.

At the moment our team is working on an escrow feature, and a decentralized toke marketplace for ERC20 tokens only, a social kind of community section and most importantly, our own Blockchain, around January or February, which will act as the backbone for our exchange and the assets which are listed on our cryptocurrency trading platform.

– How did you come by the idea of creating an exchange platform? What were some of your first steps, what motivated you?

Well, I was in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency space since 2011 as a developer and an investor. It came to my, as well as many others, attention that there was, and still is a need for a transparent, future proof exchange platform. The way I saw it was that the industry is plagued by fake volume, wash trading, bots, exchanges playing games, and unethical management, which taints the industry and hampers mass adoption. Which brought me to the creation of NEXT.exchange. We as a team are building our platform and business out so that they cannot be overrun by bots, everything is transparent, all records are presented as is, without any meddling or questionable actions. We want to provide the market with a trading solution that helps it grow and become more mature rather than raising questions and worrying crypto-people and onlookers alike. We are building NEXT.exchange to become a long standing trading platform.

– What’s been the hardest part of the journey?Building a dedicated community of followers throughout a bear market and projects exiting left and right. We aren’t a very hyped Blockchain project. Actually as you may have noticed, a lot of overhyped projects have utterly failed to deliver. But, we are very proud of the community we have built throughout the last year, we value our followers a lot and owe most of our success to them. We hope to expand our community even further by fostering exceptional and dedicated supporters. General publicity has been a bit challenging to generate, but we are going to really work on that, no doubt about that.

– Out of the services you mentioned before, which ones stand out the most and are the best in your opinion?

The ability to trade digital assets against multiple fiat currencies is what stands out the most. We are working with multiple payment service providers and are in the process of establishing a separate trust that will take care of fiat operations and where a top tier account is watching and auditing the assets in question. The ability to trade directly against fiat, in my opinion, will greatly aid in the adoption of cryptocurrencies the world over. Lots of people are confused when it comes to entering the market, most current options are rather slow and antiquated, not to mention shady. I think this functionality that we provide is very important. Hopefully it will also aid project teams in maintaining their respective projects price stability during times when Bitcoin is extra volatile, as is the case now. I almost forgot to mention that since we are a public company, our token holders are entitled to our profits. So, we plan on distributing our trading platforms profits across NEXT holders on a quarterly basis, with audits to be provided publicly on our site.

– Nice! What development stage are you in right now?

Right now we are doing the final testing with our community members. Everything is working fine and as intended for the most part. We were in beta for quite some time, but our platform is built from scratch and unlike any other that we’ve come across. The current bear market actually plays somewhat to our advantage as it allowed us to take additional time for developments and to think things through even better. We just have a few things left to do with our beta testers before going public, such as updating the exchange interface, testing escrow functionality, and a few tweaks here and there. But we want to launch our platform when we deem market conditions to be optimal for that. We are eyeing the end of the year for a launch.

– How do you envision the future expansion of NEXT.exchange?

For now the majority of our focus is making sure that our platform is suitable for live and mass use. After this, we will start to work on expanding into other regions as well as building connections both within the Blockchain and classical banking industry. After the launch of our public platform (version 1.0), a lot of attention will be given towards improving and expanding our brand image wherever possible as well as increasing our client base, and consequently the volume that we handle on our exchange. We also plan on increasing our company size, dev-ops and support wise. We want our support to be top notch. We think that is imperative on our road towards becoming a top 10 trading platform.


Any chance you can give some exclusive information to us about future updates and coin listings?

Unfortunately we can’t leak information in advance, but we plan on being quite transparent with listing new coins and upcoming news.

– Chris, it was a pleasure! But I have a last question, if anyone wants to get involved in the NEXT.exchange community what’s the best way to do it?

We are always looking for people that want to help us grow and advance within the market. Which is why we will be launching an Ambassador program in which people can earn NEXT as rewards for various activities closer to our public launch. Other than that, anyone can join our Telegram chat or subscribe to our Twitter.

Want to learn more about NEXT.exchange and what’s coming up? Join their Telegram chat and news channel or follow them on Twitter.


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