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Opera for Android Introduces Crypto Wallet in the Browser


Opera Software updated a new version of Opera for Android today that introduces a Crypto Wallet in the browser that supports the Ethereum Web3 API.

Opera browser for Android is the first full-featured browser that introduces native support for managing  cryptocurrencies directly in the browser. The feature opens up new possibilities for users of Opera as it enables them to store and use cryptos in the browser and not in separate applications or by installing extensions.

Opera’s solution is based on Ethereum Web3 API. You find the source code and information about web3 on Github.

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opera crypto wallet

The Crypto Wallet version of Opera is currently in private beta on Android. Interested users can check out in the official blog post on the Opera website; there you find a link to request an invitation to the beta.

A click on the Opera-icon in the browser displays the new Crypto Wallet option in the menu that opens. A tap on Crypto Wallet displays options to create a new wallet or import an existing wallet.

If you select to create a new wallet it is saved to securely store the wallet on the device by providing the device’s PIN code.

Opera [..] relies on Android’s secure system lock to sign transactions so users don’t have to learn any new codes to use the wallet

Opera warns users that the feature is experimental at this moment and that currency may be lost due to bugs. It is not recommended to transfer large sums to the wallet at this point in time.

opera cryptocurrency

The main interface lists the total balance at the time and options to send or receive currency. Supported is Ethereum at the moment of writing, and you can use it to support Ghacks for instance if you want.

Users may open the Dapps Store with a tap on the button to access blockchain powered applications in the browser. That’s one of the main advantages that Opera’s solution offers as it is a feature-rich browser and not a default WebView browser to access Dapp.

Opera plans to introduce support for other digital cryptocurrencies and networks in the future.

Opera mobile for Android supports cryptocurrency transactions to sites that support Coinbase. It is possible to pay using cryptocurrency that is in the Opera Crypto Wallet to sign and transmit the payment directly from the browser.

The keys to control the wallet are only found on the Android device and nowhere else.

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