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NEXT.chain Mainnet to Blastoff Soon!


NEXT.chain is a new and powerful Blockchain, developed by the team behind the NEXT.exchange hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform is preparing for blastoff of its public Mainnet! While the exchange itself is soon to see a hefty update that’s sure to act as rocket fuel for NEXT in the months to come.

The team’s Blockchain, on which the NEXTcoin will act as a native asset has undergone a 4-month Testnet phase which started in January of this year. NEXT.chain was thoroughly tested by over 50 community members. Apparently, folks have been quite happy with the team’s progress and NEXT.chain in general.

Growing attention.

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It also seems that NEXT.exchange and NEXT.chain have been getting an increased amount of attention in the cryptosphere. Blockfyre, a company that provides professional and coherent coverage of prospective crypto projects released a piece on NEXT covering a lot of valuable information about the project, team, tokenomics, and more.

This is definitely one to watch. ICO Price = 0.001 ETH/NEXT. ROI since ICO: 264.12%.

The accumulation on NEXT, as seen above, should come as no surprise, especially after NEXT’s COO, Gleb Jout shared a screenshot in their chat highlighting that visits on NEXT.exchange shot up quite a bit and are close to 300,000, along with their Twitter engagements which reached half a million . Additionally, opinion leaders within the industry have taken notice of the promising lowcap that aims to improve the exchange and Blockchain landscape. Some even state that it is still quite undervalued. And that is after the token price saw a 36x against the dollar since February of this year, mind you.

But, why is that so?

We have to keep in mind that the team’s token sale concluded nearly at the start of the long crypto winter which saw many altcoins lose over 90% of their value and general trader interest evaporate in the cryptomarket.

Rather than attempting to build hype in a highly competitive environment while it was in a major downswing, the team took their time to build out their tech and create a close-knit community of supporters.

Let’s dive a bit more in depth and highlight as to why NEXT is an exciting project that can prove to be quite a rewarding HODL.

NEXT.exchange: The teams trading platform is soon to undergo a pretty big revamp, labeled as NEXT.exchange V1.1. According to their latest blog, users can expect to see a whole new website, exchange UI, stability improvements, and the ability to trade all listed altcoins against fiat currencies such as the USD and EUR, as well as to deposit and withdraw fiat currencies. NEXT.exchange will also host IEO’s and possibly STO’s post it’s 1.1 update.

NEXT.chain: The teams Blockchain, which comes with a desktop wallet available for Mac, Windows, Linux, own Blockexplorer, instant transaction verifications thanks to NEXT Masternodes that receive seniority bonuses, private transactions achieved by splitting one transaction into many, customizable short wallet addresses, asset creation (similar to ERC20 and Waves based assets on the Ethereum and Waves Blockchains).

An interesting thing to note about the NEXT.chain is that NEXT is merge mined with Bitcoin. What this means is that users can mine both NEXT and Bitcoin at the same time. This is done in order to provide more stability and power for the teams chain. More on NEXT.chain can be read here. The chain itself will be used to power the NEXT.exchange trading platform once 1.1 rolls out.

NEXT token: It’s important to keep in mind that NEXT wont remain a token on the Ethereum Blockchain for long! Once the team makes NEXT.chain public, they will provide a 1:1 swap for NEXT holders to swap their tokens for new NEXT coins. The team has stated that the swap will be available until the end of the year. NEXT is used to unlock quite a bit of functionality on both the exchange and Blockchain itself:


Exchange assets such as NEXT, are typically a good bet within the cryptosphere. When the market is in an uptrend, they tend to rally quite well. Mostly due to the value that they offer to the industry as a whole as well as their large user bases and utility. In addition to seeing use on the exchange platform, NEXT can also be used as collateral for NEXT.chain Masternodes. The many uses provided by NEXT, coupled with the assets low supply, dedicated team with a solid background as well as an active community really do make NEXT seem like a ticket to the moon.

For those who are interested in joining the project’s community and keeping up with their progress, we suggest you pop into their Telegram chat, as the team is quite active there.

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