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New Privacy Coin reaches 1 Million Funding in Token Sale


The Hottest thing to come out of Germany since the release of the Iconic Porsche 911 is the new Privacy Coin Tixl. Having just reached a milestone in their token sale by raising $1 Million US Dollars in only three months, the Tixl Project is about creating a new Cryptocurrency that is the first to allow for Private, Instant, and Zero-Fee Transactions all wrapped into one.

The company behind Tixl is a non-profit limited liability company from Germany and the young group of Entrepreneurs leading this project is comprised of a strong, well-rounded team headed up by a couple of close friends who founded a successful Software Engineering Firm in Hamburg, Germany. Others include a Researcher from Cambridge and Stanford University and a Marketing Guru who’s on Forbes 30 under 30 and helped launch one of the largest crypto portfolio management apps named Coinstats.

From the technical perspective, Tixl combines existing concepts from other cryptocurrencies to build the unique feature-set of Private, Instant, and Zero-Fee Transactions that wouldn’t have been possible a year ago without the recent advancements in Blockchain Technology. For example, instead of a traditional blockchain, Tixl uses a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) which is known to be the next generation data-structure for distributed ledgers. For the consensus algorithm, Tixl does not make use of the Bitcoin Proof-of-Work algorithm but instead uses the much faster Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP). Lastly, Tixl’s privacy approach is based on cutting-edge cryptography concepts that allow hiding the transaction details. Privacy may be the most important characteristic of this project as it has become essential to the success of the next generation of Cryptocurrencies due to governments around the world looking to restrict or even ban them. Security features of Tixl are helped being designed by world-renown Professor for Security in Distributed Application Dr. Dieter Gollmann from the Hamburg University of Technology.

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Another aspect that makes Tixl special is the maximum supply is limited to only 900,000 tokens (MTXLT), which to put things into perspective, the maximum supply of Bitcoin is 21 Million. In addition, the token was specifically designed to be broken down into smaller units (TXLT) as soon as it is used for purchasing goods. By carefully structuring it this way, it is comparable to Bitcoin and its Satoshi unit but with a much smaller supply of tokens. In relation to other Cryptocurrency projects where the creators are known to keep up to 40% of the token supply for themselves, the founders of Tixl will only retain 5% of the supply and are required to hold them to the end of 2021. Furthermore, founders may only sell 1% of their holdings each month afterward.

At the moment, Tixl just entered the second phase of their token sale to raise $2,250,000 US Dollars last month and have already reached about 30% of that fundraising goal. Even though the project is still in the middle of development and the official launch of Tixl isn’t planned until the end of 2020, a special token has been created as a placeholder. It’s already official that the token will be listed on the Binance Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on August 28 for early liquidity to investors.

For more information, it is highly recommended you look into the Tixl whitepaper on the websiteas it contains further information about the business and technological aspects of the project. Potential investors can visit tixl.me to purchase Tixl tokens by using BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, or EUR bank transfer. Please note that currently, US Citizens that would like to invest in this project must be Accredited Investors. The Tixl team is available for questions in the official Telegram group and Discord server.

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