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New evidence of who Satoshi Nakamoto might be

  • Paul Solotshi Calder Le Roux, a jailed criminal mastermind is suggested to be the creator of Bitcoin.
  • There are strong similarities many believe in their writing and language, both Solotshi and Nakamoto.

The mystery has always been about who exactly is Satoshi Nakamoto, there is now some evidence that has been gathering much momentum suggesting who it could potentially be.

Resultado de imagen de Paul Solotshi

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Paul Solotshi Calder Le Roux, who is a 46-year old criminal mastermind, that is currently serving time behind bars and may not be out anytime soon. He is a known creator of software E4M and TrueCrypt (the cryptography encryption software Satoshi Nakamoto supposedly used to lock up his 1 million BTC).

It is also suggested that he has an uncannily similar manifesto to the one in Bitcoin’s whitepaper in 1998. The writing style, similar spelling and language is similar to that of Satoshi.

He is infamously known as a cartel boss, drug smuggler, arms dealer, informant to the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and top programmer.

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