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New Bitmex Alternative

Bitmex alternative?


CryptoEU next generation of Crypto Brokers


Do you think all crypto brokers are made equal? Consider this, when a top hedge fund Dimitris Kovalis from Cryptofinity Partners was looking for a place to trade he chose CryptoEU for a simple reason “because they offer liquidity, instant execution, no slippage and all the tools which make my trading life easier.”


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So we decided to do a little research behind this company to see who they are, how they offer their products and how they compare to other competitors in the market.


With offices in five different countries and headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland working with them is extremely easy. They actually have a staff of traders, analysts and brokers who have over 200 years of combined trading experience and they actually are in contact with their clients. One of the problems in the crypto universe is the fact that most of the exchanges and brokers don’t really offer anyone to talk to and you are at the mercy of emails. With CryptoEU’s friendly customer support and dedicated broker staff be left assured that your queries will be answered immediately.


Another important point of interest were the assets which they offer. Unlike most of the exchanges where you are HoDLing coins CryptoEU offers you an ability to instantly enter and exit a position with a swift click of a button. Moreover, clients can make money whether the prices are going up or down. Here is how they do this, they have made agreements with Top Liquidity providers who underwrite trades on coins, so a trader can place a trade on coins going down and make the profit of difference between the current price and the opening price.



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