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Nestle Implements Blockchain


Nestlé has joined an open blockchain pilot for food supply chain transparency to allow clients to track their food back to the farm.

Nestle will use a blockchain-powered tool OpenSC to track food supply chain. The tool, launched in mid-January, was jointly developed by WWF-Australia and BCG Digital Venture, a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) business unit, which is a corporate investment and incubation firm.

OpenSC is expected to help businesses and consumers to avoid illegal, environmentally damaging or unethical products, while improving supply chain accountability and transparency.

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The platform tracks a product from its point of origin to store shelves. Nestle’s initial pilot program will trace milk from farms and producers in New Zealand to Nestlé factories and warehouses in the Middle East. Later, it will be used to track palm oil sourced in the Americas.

Consumers will be able to verify product movement in the supply chain by scanning a QR code using smartphone or seachin in website.

In April, Nestlé and French grocery retailer Carrefour had teamed up with IBM Blockchain to develop a platform to track a popular foods brand in Europe.

Nestle Maggi’s Mousline instant mashed potato is being tracked using blockchain-based Cloud network IBM Food Trust since April 15.

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