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NeoPlace Protocol for Cross Border E-Commerce


As the world is slowly embracing cryptocurrencies, we can see the very beginning of mainstream adoption and legalization of cryptocurrency — nations, corporations, and institutions are closely watching the progress achieved by Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

Yet we are still in the early adopter’s era of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Breaking the barriers for massive adoption of cryptocurrency requires its use in daily life, purchasing goods and services.

Marketplaces have not seen much innovation over the years. Platforms like eBay, Alibaba, Amazon Marketplace are the standard for this industry: they centralize deal flow and dictate terms to seller that are hard to negotiate : high platform fees with companies, no seller protection from buyer disputes and serious lack of trust, all these problems make the experience and expansion of e-commerce stagnate.

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We, NeoPlace protocol are here to solve these problems.

NeoPlace protocol: what is it?

Built on Ethereum blockchain and IPFS technology, NeoPlace protocol expands cross-border e-commerce activities and make them accessible to everyone: anyone can create their own e-shop and marketplace on the blockchain in a few clicks, promote their products world-wide and benefit from transparency, creativity and freedom to do their business.

Items published through NeoPlace protocol will be stored in a decentralized, transparent and pooled inventory. Through API, SDK and NeoPlace Market, any third party will be able to retrieve and use this pooled inventory to boost their business. As a seller, you can retrieve products from other existing selling channels into your own customized marketplace/e-shop, and do transactions directly through cryptocurrency (instant, secure, traceable).

NeoPlace protocol: why choose it?


In the NeoPlace ecosystem, everyone finds its own value in e-commerce: add value and earn from it, with buyer and seller protection while fake comments and rating issues are impossible for good With the use of NeoPlace Token (NPT), the ecosystem will run smoothly and sustainably, through the NPT incentives. NPT is the strongest tool to incentivize good behaviors and deters malevolent users, it is the fuel of the ecosystem and serves for loyalty programs, discounts, rewards and stakes.

Having put technology development first for its first year, we launched NeoPlace Market mobile (iOS and Android) and WEB version MVP on Ethereum Rinkeby Testnet. This puts us ahead of our competitors in terms of product development as we are the first protocol to which an e-commerce platform is connected and working!

NeoPlace protocol: How it solves the problem?

Our protocol provides a unique opportunity to build an ecosystem where anyone can take part into e-commerce activities.

NeoPlace has signed MOUs with MyCreditChain, IAME, and TrillionVC to join the NeoPlace ecosystem in their respective areas of expertise (Scoring, identity protection and project finance, respectively).

To sum up, NeoPlace protocol and ecosystem protect everyone’s benefits, privacy and rights to the furthest extent in cross-border e-commerce.

Look us up and join us on https://neoplace.io/


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