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MyEtherWallet Victim of Another Cyberattack


The affected VPN plugs into the browser, but the breach didn’t interrupt MEW’s service. Only those who accessed their wallet through this VPN could be affected, which prompted the site to recommend a relocation of tokens to a new wallet, in an urgent way as stated below:

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The company said the attack “appeared to be a Russian-based IP address.” Check out our recent cybersecurity report from the International Cybersecurity Moscow to read more.

“The safety and security of MEW users is our priority. We’d like to remind our users that we do not hold their personal data, including passwords so they can be assured that the hackers would not get their hands on that information if they have not interacted with the Hola chrome extension in the past day,” MEW says.

Back in February, MyEtherWallet was affected by a DNS attack that saw at least $365,000 worth of crypto stolen from users.

“This is a text book example of the risks involving cryptocurrency – as safe as users may think they are from becoming victims of crimes, it only takes a weak link in a system for their whole security to be compromised,” comments Raj Samani, chief scientist and fellow, McAfee.

McAfee researchers found that the spike in Bitcoin value in Q4 2017 prompted many actors to extend their activities into the hijacking of crypto wallets – and this appetite for cryptocurrency shows no signs of slowing down.

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