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Lamden Community Manager Interview



– Before we begin, can you let us know who you are?
I am the Community Manager of Lamden, C.R. I actively manage the Telegram and Reddit (our currently most active outlets), and also work with Jason, our Marketing Manager, to strategize Lamden’s outreach plans, which are aimed to show the larger crypto-community and enterprise world who we are and what we do.

-One of the first things we have to talk about is: what is Lamden (TAU) for anyone who hasn’t heard about it?
Lamden is the name of the company that is creating the Lamden suite of developer tools for out-of-the-box blockchain creation for enterprises. We are also developing the Lamden blockchain, which will act as the central chain that any Lamden-based chain can interact with. Tau is the name of the agnostic token that will allow for interactions between chains through atomic swaps, converting one chain’s assets to another.

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-Can you give a short explanation of what the project is focusing on?
In the current crypto-scene, there is a lot of focus on developing new technology and pushing the limits of what blockchains can do. As with any great invention, it will only truly become relevant to the world when there is practical adoption of the technology to the point that it becomes part of everyday life. Given their decentralized nature and immutable record-keeping, blockchains have a very practical use for storing large amounts of important records or other types of protected data, and companies are first in line to benefit from its adoption. Some have even setting up their own blockchain R&D departments to try to figure this out. Lamden seeks to make this adoption as intuitive as possible for the programmers and developers of any company, by providing basic development tools that will standardize the enterprise blockchain-making process.

-How and where you see (TAU) in the future, in 1-5 years?
We expect to have our mainnet ready by the end of the year, launching Lamden into the world for practical use. As for five years down the line, it is hard to say, but we would hope that the accessibility of the Lamden Suite will allow it spread like wildfire, and perhaps become the go-to name for any business that is seeking to set up a blockchain network.

-There are so many projects going on this 2018 year. Who you see as your biggest competitor?
How do you compare your coin? Why is better/special?
Yes, there are a lot of different coins and tokens that we are compared to: Ark, EOS, Aion, Wanchain, Dragonchain, and Lisk to name a few. Some are trying to solve the same problems we are, while others have the same “enterprise” target. As for what makes us stand out: our entire model is about ease-of-use and quick adoptability. Atomic swaps will allow for an entire blockchain ecosystem to be formed seamlessly. Our developer suite will allow people to make blockchains without knowing any of the technical intricacies of the technology. We also feel we are technologically superior to competitors in many regards, such as our 10,000 transactions-per-second protocol able to be expanded with side chains.

-What is the best feature of the project?
I’ve mentioned our more market-friendly approach, but one feature I haven’t gotten into is our set-up of a Turing Incomplete smart contract language, Seneca. Current smart contract platforms make it surprisingly simple to leave attack vectors open, leading to disasters striking the system at the drop of a hat (or a line of code). Several of these have caused multi-million dollar losses in the Ethereum chain, so the need for Turing Incompleteness is clear. You can see this in Vitalik’s new programming language for Ethereum, Vyper, which limits the user heavily compared to Solidity, Think of Turing Incompleteness as the “iOS” of smart contracts: we take away the deep level of access to the code that the average user does not need, in replacement of a sleeker, user-friendly interface, ready for mass adoption. This ultimately allows for a safer and more usable blockchain model.

-What are the biggest difficulties you already faced and which ones are coming?
We are starting up at a time when there is an ICO for any and every type of possible (or impossible) use of blockchain, with a lot of blind trust from eager investors that leads to incompetence and even fraud. We are currently trying to stand out from this crowd and establish our legitimacy, not just as an ICO project, but as serious competitors for the enterprise blockchain market. We believe our code speaks for itself, publically accessible on our GitHub, so we expect this challenge will be overcome as time goes on with the release of out testnet and especially by our mainnet.

-I have been looking at your 3 main Blockchain projects (Flora, Saffron and Clove) and I am
wondering if you can give a quick summary about these 3 Titans.
These three are the heart of the Lamden suite, all of them making up our developer suite of tools that anyone can use to build a perfectly specialized blockchain. Flora is our smart contract manager, and will allow users to create customized smart contracts in seconds. Saffron is our blockchain tool creator that will allow the creation of customized chains based on basically any public chain of choice. Finally, Clove allows for atomic swaps that facilitate the connection of private chains to create a interdependent ecosystem of blockchains. We recently integrated over 600 cryptocurrencies into Clove and successfully tested several types of atomic swaps.

-If anyone wants to get involved on the coin community, what is the best way to do it?
You can visit our site at www.Lamden.io, which has recently been redone to include much more detail about our project. We also have our Telegram group where our CEO and lead developer, Stu, is very active and can answer any technical question or project-related question you have. Just search Lamdenchat on Telegram. If anyone is interested in seeing our latest announcement or updates, they can go to our blog at blog.lamden.io. Finally, we can also be found on Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and hope to expand to more social networks in the near future. Thank you everyone for reading about Lamden.

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