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John Mcafee Promises Bitcoin $500,000 Only If Elected President


John McAfee has predicted that Bitcoin will hit $500,000, but only if he gets elected as the President of the United States.

In a recent YouTube video, he has said that he plans to bring cryptocurrencies into the political world, should be successful in his venture. He has highlighted the fact that a lot of time, money and effort was put into Obamacare, which allowed free healthcare, but, with the use of blockchain, everyone could be entitled to this, and more money should be put into this development.

He believes that the run up to his quest into presidency could be really beneficial to this business, and in promoting his platform which focuses on security and privacy. He believes that the USA could soon be in a cyber war due to the lack of knowledge and privacy surrounding this area. He has also addressed concerns that he is just as good a candidate for the job as the current president, despite people thinking that he is not taking this role seriously. He is also keen to point out that despite a shady past where he was on the run from the police, he is trustworthy.

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The reason behind his high price prediction for Bitcoin is because of the high awareness that he plans to create for cryptocurrencies in his run up to the election for being President. He believes that we should be utilising those who have previously been a detriment to the cryptocurrency sector, like hackers, and instead, it is these people who should be employed by the government in order to fight back in this imminent crypto war that he truly believes will hit very soon.

He compares these hackers to musical geniuses like Bach, believing that their talent is not taught, it is simply a gift, and we should be utilising their talent.

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