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Involve Is About To Change the Mobile Apps Industry for Good


There are many multitudes of applications that have become possible as a result of the blockchain. With each passing day, new and improved methodologies are being created to change the world for the better. Among them is Involve, a unique new take on a crypto platform, that is designed for the usage of mobile apps.

Involve understands that the mobile games are one that is on the rise and one that will quite certainly become quite expansive in the new future. This is why it wishes to combine up-and-coming cryptocurrency technology with the mobile gaming industry. This project is inspired by modern trends such as mobile market growth, robotization, and crypto-economy.

Involve’s official cryptocurrency is the ICoin. ICoin is the cryptocurrency which is mined by their gamers, according to the Proof-of-Time protocol. The total number of ICoins is limited to 500 000 000 000.

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Currently, their ICO stage is on-going. During this stage, one can purchase their tokens. Then it will be distributed among their investors who supported the platform. The supply of IToken is limited to 9 100 000 000.  The awesome thing about IToken is that every single IToken holder will be granted with profit share right. The size of reward will depend on the size of the holder’s stake in ITokens

Involve wishes to empower mobile video gamers and give them the ability to mine and earn money while they are playing games. Their idea is to create an environment where users, investors, developers and other mobile gamers are able to get involved and work together in a unified goal.

The Key task of their project is to allow people to employ themselves by providing them with a wide range of mobile apps, which reward users for every second spent on the app. As a reward, they will be provided with ICoins, in their brand-new blockchain.

About Involve:

Involve is a company that wishes to combine up-and-coming mobile technology with blockchain technology. Their goal is to create an eco-system that rewards gamers, investors, developers alike. Essentially, players will be given a wide array of applications that they can choose to play, and they will be rewarded for the time they spent on these apps. In reality, they will be able to earn money through mining just as they are spending time playing these gaming apps.

Through this, Involve wishes to change the way the mobile gaming industry works, empowering the investors and gamers all at the same time. This revolutionary new way to the game could change the gaming industry forever.

For more information: https://icoinvolve.io

Media Contact: Mark Farkhutdinov,

Email: contact@icoinvolve.io

Tallin, Estonia.

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