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Introducing: PAWS – Animal Charity Ledger Blockchain


Dear all, It is our absolute pleasure to introduce you to PAWS.

The mission of PAWS is to provide animals with the basic necessities for a happy and healthy life, including love and care. At first, the vision of PAWS was primarily focused on care and support for dogs and cats, but progressively extended outwards to wildlife and also endangered wildlife. 

The PAWS project gives us personal satisfaction as pet owners or as having grown up with pets around us. Our pets have been an important part of our families and we would now like to give something back as appreciation for everything we have gained and learned from this unconditional love.

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PAWS has chosen to create a cryptocurrency, as it is one of the best modern methods for instantaneous transactions and minimal transaction fees. We feel that this allows for contributors and donors to be able to have more of their donations directly support the cause or campaign to their choosing, rather than getting gouged by third party service fees.

Utilizing blockchain technology allows for transactions to be more easily tracked on an open, public ledger. Now, everyone can see exactly how much funding or resources are sent, received, and where they go.

PAWS utilizes masternodes as a way of validating transactions on the blockchain. This not only provides a more safe and accurate way to verify data, but also creates a faster network. Members are able to set up a masternode(s) and contribute to the network. In return, they receive rewards that are paid in PAWS.

Phase 1of our pre-sale went in a flash. Phase 2 starts tonight, 21:00 CET october 19, 2018.

Join in here and don’t miss out! https://discord.gg/jqAXndx

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More to come very soon.

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