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Interview with The Crypto Lark, One of the Most Famous Crypto Youtubers


Hello CryptoLark, thanks for being here with us today! First thing we need to talk  about is, who are you and why you are related to “CryptoWorld” for those who don’t  know about you. – Why did you choose “the CryptoLark” as pseudonym at the crypto community?

I am a Youtube content creator, entrepreneur and advocate for crypto. My real name + crypto

When and why did you start using Bitcoin or related currencies? How did you hear  about it?

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I have been interested for a long time, but what really made me take it all more seriously and start making content for people was steemit and the Dollar Vigilante.

Can you give us some advices to take in mind while we are investing in crypto, currencies? And which are the common mistakes people do while trading?

Take the time to learn what crypto is, and always take the time to do your own research, there is no subsitute

The common mistake people make trading (in particular to trading) is trading in the first place, most people are unwilling to take the time to learn technical analysis, and let their emotions take control. Be patient, strategic, and hungry to learn.

How do you see the actual panorama of Bitcoin with all the new regulations and the ones that are going to appear?

The ecosystem is maturing nicely, more and more services are on offer all the time.

What do you think about Cryptocurrency and blockchain futures?

The future is incredibly bright for crypto.

Are you enjoying these years of “Crypto world”?

We are still in the early stages of what is a massive industry and opportunity.

Finally if anyone wants to get involved with CryptoLark’s community, what do you
thing is the best way to do it?

Come and find me on Youtube!

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