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Infleum — Decentralized Advertising Platform


Infleum is a Decentralized Opensource platform created by ELSOLCOM, a leader in advertising/marketing field. ELSOL has over decade long experience growing small companies and establishing brands. With this experience it’s a cakewalk for them to create a new platform and gain trust from influencers.

Infleum is not an ICO its a ReverseICO. They already have successful platform for launching advertising. This step is conducted to expand user base throughout the world without regional and language barriers. It is always good to invest in companies that have already developed product and are beaming with extraordinary success. Risk involved here is less or 0,because Infleum is backed by powerhouse ELSOL. As the platform is decentralized there is will be no single influencer, who is going to accumulate all power or resources. Infleum makes it possible for all users of platform to participate in campaigns. This generally results in increase in quality of content created to reach buyers with low budget.

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Drawbacks of Centralized Advertising

1. Fake Brand Building with no usage in real time.

2. With the invention of internet its very tough to reach customers through TV media.

3. User/Buyer participation is not supported.

4. More chances of failure than success.

5. Very High cost and less efficient.

6. Fake advertisements

7. Lack of transparency.

Infleum Platform

ELSOL has used latest technologies of Blockchain and Smart contract to create INFLEUM platform. Infleum platform proposes the concept of Infleum citizenship for every user of platform irrespective of Advertiser or Influencer. The platform user is not fixed to a certain role, he can choose to be a influencer or advertiser and earn tokens. Influencer is rewarded according to the quality of content created and user reached using proof of influence(POI)

Proof Of Influence

Proof Of Influence measures the contribution of user within the platform. The effectiveness is measured by CVD (Conversion Validation Discern), it is used to diffrent roles of users of platform.

Advertisers can only add transactions that have them as validators for contributions by subordinate influencers and must verify the influence of each node and execute the contract. When a conditional transaction that satisfies the contract is made, the smart contract evaluates the level of contribution by each user before distributing funds through the contract escrow.

Escrow before creating Contract

For creating contracts, user has to escrow certain amount that the campaign is value of and later advertiser is allowed to create contract and post different campaigns. There is special training needed to become advertiser, the platform is created for all people of Education level. Once Campaigns are started, users can select contracts and create contents to influence marketing of the product.

Infleum Combined Wallet

A combined wallet is created automatically during the registration of user to use platform. This wallet is used to identify users within system and use legacy systems and DAPPs of Infleum platform. Influencer will automatically get tokens to his wallet through escrow after completion of work.

Evolved INFLEUM Platfrom

DAPPs of Infleum Platform

  1. REDITO: a ‘combined alliance marketing DAPP’ that utilizes diverse marketing influencers to efficiently run the advertiser’s campaign.
    2. REDINK: a ‘total mentoring service DAPP’ that provides a mentor group with varied mentoring services to help the company’s growth.
    3. RETTEB: a ‘curated commerce DAPP’ that helps consumers to spend reasonably and to satisfy their needs through personalized shopping recommendations.
    4. REDINERO: a ‘crowdfunding DAPP’ with the goal of establishing trusting relationships based on social credit.
    5. REDICHECK: a ‘trial review DAPP’ that invites consumers to have a go at a product or a service, and then to share their experiences in written form
    6. CHANNELJOY: a ‘contents commerce DAPP’ that produces and utilizes diverse contents from visual to auditory images.
    7. SOCU: an open ‘shared payment DAPP’ with which users can store a social credit card issued by acquaintance(s) to use for electronic commerce.
    8. REDITAIL: Support system for small sized business and startup companies by transaction support service of enterprise.

Strengths Of Infleum Platform.

  1. NO middle man because of the use of Smart Contract System, so all the reward is directly paid to wallets of Influncers.

2. Marketing to fair potential buyers of product using latest methods of Big Data and AI. So no resource is wasted on mass advertising.

3. Lowest Commission for using platform.

4. Fair and Dcentralized evaluation system for rewarding users.

5. Competitive Landscape comparing similar platforms.

Website: https://infleum.io/en/index
WhitePaper: https://clck.ru/ERzgg
Telegram: https://t.me/infleum_official_EN
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InfleumOfficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/infleum
Medium: https://medium.com/@infleum
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4979079.0

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