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[HOW TO] Participate in the Dusk — Ethfinex Token Sale


A 9 step guide by Dusk Network. Made with love.

Want to find out what Ethfinex Token Sales are? Head on over to: Bringing Token Sales to Ethfinex! by Kasper Rasmussen.

Let’s get to it! Already have an Ethfinex Account? Skip to step 3.



1. Go to ethfinex.com

Well done


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2. Sign-up — Create new account.

Click the ‘SIGN UP’-button. Exciting times ahead. Did you know Ethfinex has 218 active markets?

Top right. [Sign up]

Tip: don’t forget to set-up the full suite of security measures to secure your account.
Tip 2: Setup 2-factor authentication on the e-mail account you have signed up with.



3. Select (by clicking) the type of Draw. Standard / Superuser L.1–5.

After signing in select the draw-type you wish to enter with.

Note: Ethfinex Superusers can enter multiple times. To know what it takes to become a superuser head on over to Ethfinex.com/superuser


4. Download the Blockpass app

Download the Blockpass App on your mobile through the Google Playstore, or Itunes App Store .

The publishers website is https://www.blockpass.org/


5. Set up your profile

After opening the application, its time to create your Blockpass account.

Click the profile picture or the Pen Icon to get started on your profile.

Alternatively, you can select the top left menu icon, and go to ‘profile’ from there.


6. Get verified

After setting up your profile it is time to get verified!

Head over to the ‘verifiers’ menu and complete the ‘Passport Authentication’ and ‘Sanctions lists and PEP’-check.


7. Scan the QR code

Use the Blockpass app to scan the QR code on the Ethfinex.com Token Sale page, under Stage 2.

8. Submit KYC details to Ethfinex

In the Blockpass app head on over to the ‘Your Services’ menu and click the ‘Ethfinex Token Sales’-Button and then submit your data.

9. Being patient.


Your submission is being processed. You can check on your application on Ethfinex.com, read up on our most recent announcements on Medium, or join our Telegram.


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