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How Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are changing entrepreneurship


Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are becoming a trend in the job market.  It becomes impossible that entrepreneurs would ignore these if they have known already the opportunities it could offer in the business industry.

The use of blockchain technology is to create a permanent, public, transparent ledger system for compiling data on sales, tracking digital usage and payments to content creators such as wireless users or musicians.  It only means that it is an electronically distributed ledger which more likely a stock ledger in which various participants should maintain via a network of computers.

For the blockchains to operate, it uses cryptography to process and verify transactions on the ledger.  By encryption and coding, it could improve transparency, efficiency, and trust in information-sharing.   With this function embedded in the blockchain tech, undoubtedly, it will impact every significant area of business from accounting to operations.  Thus, are evidence the revolution which has begun.

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Since blockchain is a technology to be manipulated, upon buying, selling, investing, trading, microtippping, or other monetary aspects it needs to deal with a blockchain native token or sub-token.  In a simple description, cryptocurrency is a digital currency formed from cryptography.  It is token based on the distributed ledger.  These tokens can serve on networks for different purposes.

That is why the blockchain and cryptocurrency could create innovative business solutions which are faster, more secure, and more transparent.  Thus, the following are the contributing improvements to these two to the world of many entrepreneurs.

Accessibility to Entrepreneurship Education

Many people have become interested in entrepreneurship – people of all ages, people of different status, people with different jobs or even non-educated ones.  Mostly, people who become interested in business do not have leisure time and resources to seek further tertiary education from formal institutions.

Despite the worry of not having formal education, the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology does not require it.  However, many new entrepreneurs seek flexible, reliable, and affordable educational options to help them in developing the skills they needed to launch their businesses.

Thus, SuccessLife is using blockchain tokens to offer video content, digital courses, and personal coaching to these aspiring entrepreneurs to help them with their needs.  In the deals as mentioned earlier, it covers topics such as management and investment techniques.

What these new entrepreneurs need is an internet connection to access the educational content.   Furthermore, to sustain the operation, the token’s absolute ledger and automatic smart contracts render the transactions which provide these opportunities to become reliable and cost-effective.

Crowdfunding Opportunities

With crowdfunding, entrepreneurs can get finance and investments. Furthermore, it could help them in starting up their business or in another way; it could help them enhance their business.

In fact, in 2017, blockchain start-ups raised a fund of S5.6 billion which is mostly driven by community campaigns.  This blockchain-based fundraising has proven successful which attracts many mainstream investments.  Aside from that, it brought many investments for entrepreneurs.  But even if it would do so much for the entrepreneurs, the market is still highly inefficient because it needs more people to maximize its use globally.

The method for blockchain crowdfunding is very safe, accessible, reliable, and the whole process of the transaction is entirely transparent.  But in an overall evaluation, crowdfunding engine helps entrepreneurs in their marketing support, most especially, if its function will be maximized, the higher of a successful project it could have.

Opportunities for New Investments

As an entrepreneur, you always look for new ways to diversify your investment process.  You might take into consideration the coin-based transactions which could accomplish precisely that.  Furthermore, it is not a secret that cryptocurrencies have generated a wide range of responses from the government around the world with a lot of concerns about the apparent lack of formal regulations towards the crypto market.  And because of this, many people begin to challenge this concern which leads to a creation of making more reliable coin-based investment environment.

As blockchain is becoming common across industries, Muirfield IP has been rumored to be launching its own Tokenized Asset Offering in 2018.  This opportunity is not only open for the new entrepreneurs to purchase assets, but it also ensures that the laws and regulation about security token are strictly followed.

Offering User-Friendly Financial Tools

As cypto adoption cannot be omitted in the industry, so it is essential to focus on education and ease of use within financial services.  Zerta is a next-generation trading platform which is built by leading team of exchange technologists and entrepreneurs. This platform connects an exchange, crypto and fiat wallet, and bank in a single ecosystem.

It only means that for Zerta, personalization and customizable interfaces to help users of all experience levels trade send and receive payments and engage with a community of like-minded people.  Thus, its primary focus is to work as user-friendliness.

Establishing Customer-Loyalty Platforms

To make any business grow, expand, and succeed, customer loyalty is vital.  Furthermore, it is essential to build and nurture industry with customer relationships.   However, figuring it all out is stressful for entrepreneurs. With the use of blockchain rather than self-thought, tracking and managing your business, and customer loyalty relationship can be more straightforward.

It is because blockchain based solutions have efficient tools and programs which aid and guide entrepreneurs in developing customer-loyalty programs.  Thus, it includes in here the giving of rewards to consistent customers with special incentives which will soon establish a close relationship with the customer.

Producing Reliable Agreements

Commonly, one of the problems faced by entrepreneurs is the business agreements that are not genuine, reliable, and safe.  That is why, with blockchain and smart contracts, entrepreneurs’ could get reliable, affordable, safe, and effective legal contracts.   Aside from that, there are customized intelligent contracts and legal agreements on the blockchain that would enhance and build productive entrepreneurs in the industry.


The function of blockchain and cryptocurrency in the new era of business would soon enhance the process, transaction, and development of entrepreneurs.  Being equipped and knowledgeable with what is offered by these is not a loss in your business entity.   Thus, it helps you boost your range of investment.  That is why learning these concepts of opportunities could make you reach a goal you never imagine to achieve.


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Natalie Stevens is a writer and a blogger. She loves to write just about anything such as business and finance, home improvement, and just recently she gains interest in the cryptocurrency world. In her free time, Natalie spends time with her family and friends.

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