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A Good Week For CryptoCurrency!


This week was a good one for cryptocurrency markets. They recovered from their lows last week after traders sold off holdings due to the threat of government regulation. But those fears were a distant memory this week, the top 10 most-traded cryptocurrencies racked up double-digit gains.

Today (17/02/2018) we can see how MarketCap sustains near to 500 billions Dollars, also Bitcoin have break its bearish trend that have suffered a couple of months but it seems that “CryptoBubble” fear have dissappear in a short amount of time. As well Litecoin have reached more than a 50% increase, this crptocurrency have ambitions to be one of the most important coin due to daily transactions, and this will be easier with the new platform launched LitePay (LitePay and Litecoin fork report) a payment processor for the coin that will make it easy for the crypto’s holders to conduct transactions with it. Its blockchain is also set to undergo a fork on February 18.

Ripple’s XRP, a cryptocurrency whose price has been battered by negative press in recent times, rebounded this week after positive reports of adoption. Saudi Arabia’s central bank, Abu Dhabi’s largest bank, and a Dubai-based money transfer giant are all said to be testing Ripple’s technology for bank settlements and overseas transfers. The role of its cryptocurrency in these tests is unclear, however.

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Developments this week also indicate a bright future for EOS, a cryptocurrency platform that is competing with Ethereum for the smart contracts market. A cryptocurrency exchange that lays claim to being the world’s largest announced plans to build a decentralized exchange using EOS’ platform.

Finally, Coinbase made news. North America’s largest cryptocurrency exchange launched Coinbase Commerce, a button that enables cryptocurrency holders to make payments from their Coinbase accounts. Based on reports, the button works in a similar fashion as PayPal’s e-commerce button. However, In Coinbase’ case, users have the option of paying with the four cryptocurrencies available in its wallets – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The exchange was also the target of its customers ire after they found erratic charges tacked onto their accounts.



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