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Meet Gifto, The Rocketship Mass Utility Application Token


Thanks to the recent bear market, investors have begun searching for a new signal for promising projects. We believe that actual usage of a token will be the next driver of token demand, rather than blind speculation.

One need only to look at the following graph of HT and BNB to see how they are bucking the bear market trend. Huobi and Binance exchange tokens have outperformed the market because they deliver real utility to crypto traders through trading discounts and other exchange related benefits. The market gets it: real-life utility drives demand.

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HT and BNB price April to June 2018


However, exchange token utility while substantial within the crypto ecosystem are still a far cry from mass market utility. The number of crypto users is still relatively small and its activity is mostly limited to trading. As of today, the number of wallet holders barely scratches 30 million. In comparison, Uplive the live-streaming app of Gifto maker Asia Innovations Group has over 35 million active users alone. Also, utilization when gauged through daily active users (DAU) of dApps is modest: the top dApp struggles to maintain 3,000 DAUs.

To sustainably drive blockchain utility tokens must reach the mass market through consumer friendly applications that leverage blockchain technology in a meaningful way.

Gifto is integrated into a mass entertainment application with 35 million users … and this is just the beginning

Mass adoption of new technology has historically been driven through social, gamified and interactive applications centered around entertainment. Take Androids application mix for example: Android’s path to become the #1 mobile OS was chiefly driven by these content categories due to their high engagement nature. Engagement is the fuel for driving adoption, it increases usage and spurs demand.

Uplive hosts receiving GIFTO gifts


Gifto is the first token integrated into a mobile social entertainment app with over 35 million users – that is more users than crypto wallet holders at time of writing. Gifto holders can use GTO in Uplive to send exclusive virtual gifts to favorite hosts or friends. Uplive in 2017 saw more than US$ 100 million worth of virtual gifts moving via its in-game currency. Gifto will elevate the experience in Uplive with exclusive blockchain-based gifts that are collectible and can be traded across platforms. GTO’s application across platforms through the universal gifting dashboard www.gifto.io is significant as it offers content creators who have been struggling with the ad-based revenue models of YouTube, IG and the likes, to monetize their audience in real-time and in a more authentic way (see Gifto whitepaper for details).


One million Gifto wallets spoilt for choice

In only a couple of months Gifto has onboarded over one million wallet holders and the Gifto team has been working hard to add more fun ways to use GTO every week. Besides collecting and sending virtual gifts to content creators and friends across social media, GTO holders can now also collect and bread fantastic Giftomon which mine GTOs in the world’s first blockchain-based Telegram game Giftomon. Moreover, GTO can be redeemed to enjoy and share real world experiences and is also used as a force for good in major non-profit organizations … Stay tuned for more details and join Gifto on its journey to make 2018 the year of blockchain mass adoption.

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