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Get ready for CoinPulse.io the most anticipated Crypto Exchange of 2018!


CoinPulse is a brand new and exciting community crypto-currency exchange that will be launching its user friendly global trading platform this June 2018.

Striving to be the #1 community cryptocurrency exchange, CoinPulse is creating this new user-friendly trading platform to be strategically developed for the Community, by the Community.
Before starting development, CoinPulse asked the community what they disliked about the exchanges that they were currently using along with suggestions on what features they actually wanted in an exchange. CoinPulse dedicated much time and effort to identify the problems and issues common to current exchanges, and then incorporated all these details to develop a unique user-friendly global trading platform built for both new users and experienced traders alike.
The CoinPulse trading platform employs cutting edge trading technologies, that will allow users to easily stay on top of their trades in real time with an intuitive easy to use format.

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The entire user interface has been designed with ease to use in mind yet it is loaded with powerful and convenient features:
The innovative and beautifully-designed Trading Dashboard is full of many great features and allows you to easily manage all aspects of your trades, trading history, favorited pairs, and more all from one page.

Another two of the many notable features on the CoinPulse exchange that come to mind are:
Quickly deposit and withdraw all your cryptocurrency right from the trading page: This eliminates the hassle of having to leave the trading page and go to a separate wallet page to deposit or withdraw the respective currency.
Trading Tools – The Trailing Stop Order: One of the most impressive features is that CoinPulse will offer an innovatively designed Automatic, or Trailing Stop Loss feature: This a powerful, hard to find feature that will let you set a stop order that will be automatically adjusted each time the market moves 20% from the price that was started at. There will be a standard stop loss with an optional checkbox that will trigger the Trailing Stop feature. An example would be if you want to sell an asset only if it goes down 10% from the current price, you set a regular Stop Limit as such. When you check the Trailing Stop option, the order will execute as usual at the price you set it if the asset then goes down to that 10% threshold, but if the market first goes up by 20%, the Stop Limit will change by 20% also. Each time the market goes up by 20% increments, your sell price protection (Stop Limit) also goes up by 20%, thereby letting you automatically take advantage of the market moving in your favor without having to readjust the Stop Limit to benefit from the overall increase in the asset price.There are too many other features to list them all here, but you will be able to see for yourself this June!

CoinPulse Exchange has made security one of their top priorities! CoinPulse has added Google Two Factor Authentication. Exchange wallets will be multi-sig with three private keys. There will also be a hot key that can immediately stop all withdrawals in case of a hacking attack. CoinPulse is also currently developing custom cutting-edge solutions to help insure the highest level of security standards and will continue this development into the future to stay ahead of future demands.
90% of the Exchange’s assets will be held in cold storage. As an extra measure of security, CoinPulse will be locking up 90% of all assets and holding them in cold storage. So even if all security measures somehow failed (which is very unlikely) the maximum loss the exchange could have would be no more than 10%.
30% Referral Program. When you refer new members, you will receive 30% of the proceeds from all the fees generated from your referrals’ trades. The reward amount will be instantly sent, in real-time, to your CoinPulse account as your referral completes each trade and will be paid to you in the same type of cryptocurrency the original fee was paid in by your referral.
CoinPulse Preview available: A Preview of the CoinPulse User Interface is currently available to get a feel for the exchange layout and features. The full launch and active trading won’t begin until late June this year, but the Coin and Token Voting Page is already accepting submissions.
Coin and Token voting is now live: CoinPulse has added the Community Coin Election and Voting page, so now you can add your favorite coins and tokens. You can also vote for ones that have already been added. Voting will be used as a guideline for CoinPulse to decide which coins or tokens will be elected for evaluation first. Once elected, all assets will go through a comprehensive review process where they will be analyzing the team, size, value, demand, and many other important factors to ensure that CoinPulse only has high quality assets listed on its Exchange. The Election and Voting page can be directly accessed here. https://request.coinpulse.io/
The CPEX Token: CoinPulse Exchange Token (CPEX) is an ERC20 token built on Ethereum blockchain. CPEX has been rebranded from EBCH and the final step of this rebranding will be to swap your EBCH to CPEX which will be described below. CPEX will have its own market on the exchange with several tokens paired against it.

You can find the CPEX contract details here:


Save money with a huge 70% discount in trading fees using CPEX tokens: Traders will be able to use CPEX tokens to pay transaction fees and in return they will receive a substantial discount (70%) of their transaction fees. Say you are trading $10,000 worth of tokens a day, then your regular transaction fees will be $20 (at 0.20%), but if you paid with CPEX tokens then your transaction fees will be $6 (at 0.20% reduced by 70% discount). You will be able to buy CPEX with any of the tokens listed on the exchange and immediately apply them towards your commission payments. There will be no ICO for CPEX tokens either now or in the future. The best way to acquire CPEX tokens will be to purchase EBCH tokens on the exchanges and also register early on the CoinPulse Exchange at CoinPulse.io to receive free CPEX tokens. See below.
CoinPulse signups have begun for its 20 Million CPEX Token Giveaway! To take advantage of the free token giveaway you must register on CoinPulse.io before the 20 million supply of CPEX reserved for the giveaway runs out! Early registrants will be awarded 200 CPEX tokens and if you are holding EBCH at the time of registration you will receive an additional 50% bonus totaling 300 CPEX tokens. Also, one lucky winner will be chosen from all EBCH holders registered on CoinPulse.io to receive 100,000 Free CPEX tokens. In order to qualify for the additional bonus CPEX tokens, you need to be holding EBCH (if you want the 50% extra bonus tokens) on the date of sign up, continue to hold until the distribution of CPEX on July 1st, and complete at least one trade.

Token Swap – Swap your EBCH to CPEX: EBCH holders will receive 3 CPEX tokens for each EBCH they swap. The swap period will run from July 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018. To take advantage of the 1:3 swap you can buy EBCH now on these exchanges:
Forkdelta: https://forkdelta.github.io/#!/trade/EBCH-ETH
Etherdelta: https://etherdelta.com/#EBCH-ETH
Stocks Exchange: https://stocks.exchange/trade/EBCH/BTC

CoinPulse Website and Project Information:

Website: www.coinpulse.io
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2432836.0





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