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French Finance Minister Expresses His Love for Cryptos


Cryptos and blockchain made new friends in what has been an exciting beginning of the year.

In a new development, Bruno La Maire, France’s finance minister has confessed his love for blockchain and cryptocurrencies and said he would be happy to lead a blockchain revolution in the European country.

This new statement was announced after a meeting with Alex Stacthenko, co-founder of French-based blockchain start-up, Blockchain Partner.

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Here is the tweet from Bruno:

Alex Stachtchenko@StachAlex

“J’etais néophyte il y a un an, mais à present, je me suis pris de passion. Mais cela m’a pris un an. Faisons preuve de bcp de pédagogie avec nos concitoyens pour faire de la France la première place d’innovation Blockchain/cryptos en UE” @BrunoLeMaire ce matin. Il se passe qch!

“I was a neophyte a year ago, but now I’ve become passionate. But it took me a year. Let us demonstrate pedagogy with our fellow citizens to make France the first place of innovation Blockchain/Cryptos in the EU ” @BrunoLeMaire this morning. It is happening!

Maybe, the most remarkable facet of the new revelation is that almost a year ago, the minister and other colleagues including Peter Altmaier, German Finance minister had penned a letter requesting that over 19 countries constituting the G20, take action to check the potential risks posed by the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies.

That already seems to be in the past  for Bruno, with local media bitcoin.fr reporting that the minister also had plans to manage ICO’s in the country as crypto adoption rates increase.

“It is necessary to professionalize the ICOs and their evaluation, whether by independent rating agencies, the AMF label, or other methods, in order to promote the adoption of the general public in a sustainable and secure way,” Le Maire said.

He also potentially talks to adapt the same taxation and regulation policies used for precious metals on cryptocurrencies while proposing taxation “through regular exchanges with the ecosystem, to develop relevant measures and effective output”.

Undoubtedly, a new dawn for French blockchain start-ups is on the horizon.

The country already is one of the biggest technological players in Europe and could reach new landmarks in a move pioneered by Bruno Le Maire, a former crypto atheist.

This is good news for the crypto community worldwide and an enticing prospect that could bring European countries on the cryptocurrency market.

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