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Fiat currencies worldwide face the toughest test of the arrival of the Agate e-commerce ecosystem


History is repeated, we first replaced metal paper currencies, and now the threat is just for the fiat currency. The current situation on the market is that cryptofts are fierce competition in fiat currencies. While entrepreneurs and investors provide enormous support to crypts and see its future, pressure on them is being made by the central government.

The greatest advantage of the cryptoid is reflected in the fact that e-commerce facilitates its advantages over fiat currencies.

When mentioning the crypts, the first thing to think of is Bitcoin, which in a short period of time achieved a high value, but also a fall. In the same way, the other crypto-valves work, which also raise values ​​in a very short period of time, but the greatest problem is their stability. The revolution of blockchain and cryptowatts, according to forecasts, is that 25% of the fiat currency could be replaced by crypts by 2030.

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The complete financial market has recognized the benefits of crypts and is believed to be able to solve the problems of the existing financial system.

If all the money we know from the whole system gets out of hand today, new opportunities for market participants from banks can be opened up to investors who could use blockchain technology and a whole decentralized system.

What is the potential of the Agate e-commerce ecosystem and how will it ensure stability?

Agate provides a decentralized system whose infrastructure is built on blockchain, with the aim of linking traders and banks and solving the problem of fluctuation and volatility across the system. This platform has been built to maximize value for customers and traders, creating the maximum ROI for all transactions.

See the key factors that show that Agatha is the solution that is needed to make a successful payment on the market:

Low transaction fees

Users often complain about the amount of transaction fees when money is transferred from a wallet to a bank or from a wallet to a wallet. Agate’sinfrastructure can reduce the cost of a particular transaction almost to zero. In this way, they want to encourage both traders and clients to use the Agate Ecosystem and see its advantages over traditional payment methods

Gateway and fiat valute

Ecosystem iFiat Agate accepts currencies: the dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen, the Australian dollar and the British pound. It provides a unique interface in which iFiat tokens can be converted to any of the above currencies. They can even be transferred to banks, giving users full freedom to exchange crypto-currency into a fiat currency.

Accepting different cryptovalues

The agate platform is compatible with different crypto-crypts. Users can conduct transactions and store them in five crypts. These are Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum and Ripple, and is actively working on this and will soon be compatible with another 17 crypts.

Agate debit card

Paying fiat currencies has so far been the easiest way to pay, which is shown by the massive use of cards when making payments. Bearing this in mind, Agata has an agreed partnership with a leading card company, which is used worldwide and can be used in more than 30,000,000 stores. With easy access to KYC cards, the user can use it with a low limit, but also quickly get access to high limits.

Agate is a unique solution for users and traders

The entire Agata platform was launched so that users and merchants could perform transactions instantly.

For users, an interface has been created for exchanging crypts into iFiat, the iBucket Wallet, where iFiat tokens, multifunctional wallets, debit cards can be stored and transferred to crypts, and the ability to transfer crypts directly to bank accounts.

For merchants on the other hand, the interface offers an API for secure transfer, iFiat based transactions and the ability to accept and transfer payments with the Agate debit card.

What can we conclude?

Confidence is something that needs to be earned, and cryptools do so by now. The Agate- and-Crypto Alliance can achieve a completely new level, and a quality developer team behind the project shows that it has high potential. Agate continuously works to integrate crypto payment options with the merchant, retailer, web store, which increases the use of crypts, and reduces the presence of fiat currency in the world.

If you would like to know more about this project, contact information is below:
Hamed Taghvaei
Email: media@agatechain.org
Telegram: https://t.me/AgateChain_Group
Website: https://agatechain.org/

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