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One Of The Best Analyst On Crypto World EXCAVO

EXCAVO TradingView


Excavo Interview, One Of The Best Analyst On Crypto World

Excavo telegram channel: https://t.me/excavochannel

Excavo Trading View Account: https://www.tradingview.com/u/EXCAVO/


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-Hi Excavo and welcome! First of all who are you for someone who hasn’t heard about you?

My name is EXCAVO, I’m an independent analyst in financial markets, top1 author at TradingView. TradingView platform is a social network for traders. The site is included in the 500 most popular sites in the world, registered users of more than 2.000.000 people

-Why you chosed “Excavo” as analist name?

As a child I dreamt to be a builder, but didn’t get the profession, and paradoxically I had my main principles from there.


In the times of gold-fevers the most necessary tool was usual shovel. Due to this simple thing it was possible to mine kilograms of gold. But since that moment it’s been some hundred years, .progress in science and technology touched the great heights and all the “shovels” are forgotten. Also as notion of “gold” has evolved, as except of regular gold, which is a cash equivalent, there are a lot of other analogues and equivalents of material prosperity. What didn’t change is that way of mining of these riches. Every man is daily breader.
Today It’s brought not boars and rabbits, but money. It means, figuratively speaking, that despite of ways and methods of mining was cardinally changed, but the core and name remain the same. That’s why the name of account supposed to be associated with the process, – in other words “digging”. For me it’s associated with modern machine – excavator. For shortness EXCAVO
What I do – isn’t a business, it’s occupation. As business works automatically, but for my situation it works only when I work, because for grand actions it’s necessary indefatigable constancy.

-How/where did you learn about crypto assets?

I’m in the financial market for 5 years. I traded gold, oil, American and European indices. Cryptocurrency is known to me from the moment of their appearance as an asset on the stock exchanges.

-When and why did you start using Bitcoin or related currencies?

I received the first crypto currency as a reward for asset management. My client and I decided that this would be the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to transfer funds.

-Can you give us some tips to take in mind while trading?

You know, there are a lot of people who say what to do, but very few say that you do not need to do it.
top 10 mistakes
1. Lack of the system
2. Lack of algorithm
3. Do not use stop loss
4. lack of management skills
5. Closure of the transaction before the achievement of the goal
6. Do not maintain statistics
7 strategy change during trading
8. Big risks
9. Errors during life problems
10. desire all at once

-what do you think about John Mcafee declarations about BTC price?

John McAfee. he certainly made a good name by his statement, I would not go for this, because I do not have such a good stretch.

-how do you see BTC short term price value? 

Technologies on the basis of which cryptocurrencies are created is the future of mankind. You can not just pass by the fact that cardinally improves one of the most important aspects of your being. Therefore, I am confident in growth, although this market will be strongly modified. My goal is 100K for 1 btc.

-Are you enjoying this years of “Crypto world”?

Yes of course I enjoy this time, we are on the verge of creating something new. I want and I will be a part of these changes!

-Finally what do you think about Cryptocurrency and blockchain futures?

Blockchain is technology with long-going plans, and I believe in this technology. About the cryptocurrencies, we are on the verge of new global financial crisis, as a rule time of crisis is time of choosing of new system, and the choice now is only one – it’s cryptocurrency, but more than likely
in next two years cryptoworld will be changed, because the big banks come here, and on a market the main thing is monopoly. I look to the future in a positive light, but about economy system, what is now I don’t like, but there is a good economy system – family economy.



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