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EOS Skyrockets 25% in 24 Hours; How Far Can It Go?


EOS the Enterprise Operating System, which was developed by Block One, saw a huge increase, more than double that of Bitcoin by % , in the past couple days. The base token had been pushing the $3.5 mark while Bitcoin bumpered around inside the $3600 range.

When the Bitcoin price broke upwards last night, EOS went along with it – importantly, fiat markets didn’t adjust to the increased value of Bitcoin, but instead followed suit.


EOS had been wanting that $3 level for a long time. When it finally got there, it kept going. And going.\ Source: Shutterstock

As the one-day chart above shows, EOS is far above the important $3 mark, resting comfortably at $3.50 after over $2.3 billion in volume. Comparing markets, it’s gained nearly 30% in the 5-day period:


The 5-day chart is even prettier. | Source: Shutterstock

The 1D chart looks more appealing, though. A well-timed entrance as Bitcoin began to break would have netted a healthy profit. Targets for the cryptocurrency are likely still in the single-digits. It’s been a long time since its all-time-high of more than $17.


As it presently stands, the total market capitalization of EOS is a net loss from the amount raised for its ICO, a reported $4 billion. Market cap at press time was $3.3 billion.

Fiat markets didn’t adjust for the increase in Bitcoin — they followed suit.

EOS doesn’t have far to go, however. Another $1 and it’s in the black from ICO prices. From there, where’s the top? We can at least assert that we’ve thus far seen the bottom on EOS, below $1.20.

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