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Embrace Cryptocurrency Mainstream Adoption with Fixy Network


With continual news exposure surrounding cryptocurrency occuring every single day, the media steadily bring awareness of its existence to the minds of the public. The question of whether mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency could happen will rely massively on how easy it is for us to utilize various form of cryptocurrencies on daily basis to fulfill our needs.

Unfortunately, up to today there are very bigentry barriers for cryptocurrency to become widely used such as the difficulties in converting fiat (USD, EUR…) to cryptos through centralized exchanges, extreme price volatility, and its usage in daily life for buying common goods like milks and breads on the groceries to acquiring assets such as properties and precious metals, those are obstacle for people who have very little knowledge and exposure to cryptocurrency environment.

To mitigate those problems in an elegant and efficient way, Fixy Network offers a versatile, yet user-friendly app you can use to make cryptocurrency utilization in your daily life a reality, in the easiest way possible.

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Knowing More About Fixy Network

Fixy Network is a blockhain based application which helps newcomer investors to enter the world of cryptocurrency and facilitates people to use cryptocurrency in daily life. It offers various services such as decentralized exchange and marketplace, ease of crypto to FIAT (vice versa) conversion, and built-in app games to engage and reward the Fixy Network users in an exciting way.

Fixy Network works with fixy tokens (ticker: FXY) as its native currency with a maximum supply of 100.000.000. FXY tokens will be used in the platform to create OTC trade sessions with smart contract, advertisement payments, listings of new merchants/brands, and listing of new/upcoming cryptocurrencies on fixy network. People can get fixy tokens by buying it on third party exchanges or by playing fixy built-in games (Tetris and Pokemon are currently on schedule) and various challenges that could engage the community more.

Here are some exciting key features of Fixy Network :

OTC (Over the Counter) and Smart Contract-assisted Exchange

Until now many centralized cryptocurrency exchanges face several issues such as :

*service fees

Trading fees are one of factors that could hinder small-time/retail investors to enter and taste the thrill of cryptocurrency trading. Decentralized nature of Fixy Network trading system will eliminate the unwelcome trading and withdrawal fees so it will give small time investors benefits.

*safety risks

Cyber-attack constantly search traders when using centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. We have heard the horror stories of many millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency being stolen and left many traders suffer a big loss. Sudden maintenance is also another issue which often makes traders dissatisfied with the service. For that matter Fixy Network will employ OTC trading, meaning traders will keep their own wallets when trading to prevent such risk.


It’s often that many small-sized startups have problems in listing their own created cryptocurrency on exchanges because they are not able to meet the rigorous listing standards. For that reason, many unlisted cryptocurrencies are usually traded through OTC route. Traders with unlisted cryptocurrencies will be able to negotiate directly with counterparty over Fixy Network integrated messenger. OTC trading feature will include trust score system to increase its safety and aunthenticity. Besides that, traders can opt to use smart contract to conduct the trade by using fixy tokens.

Store Finder

The Store Finder feature will allow users to check the closest fixy accepted stores which users are able to buy goods using fixy tokens. It can also be used to find traders who are willing to do cryptocurrency transactions on the spot.

Commerce and Private Marketplace
The Fixy marketplace brings companies (referred as partners) and customers (referred as users) and organizes them on one platform. Partners that enter the commerce marketplace will be able to sell goods and services also advertise on the platform. Partners who wish to be listed or making advertisements in the fixy network marketplace would have to pay with fixy tokens. To reduce cryptocurrency price volatility, hybrid solution is used, meaning a payment for product will be done in FIAT and popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, BCH,LTC, ETH) at certain ratios (for instance 60% fiat: 40% crypto). Fixy Network will work with third party exchanges to facilitate the cash out.

How Does the Fixy Network Operate ?

The Fixy Network brings together customers and retailers in one network as a medium for convenient cryptocurrency transactions. New participants can instantly enter the world of crypto by purchasing Fixy gift card which would be sold in fixy-approved stores that spread across the world. After purchasing it with FIAT and going through a very simple KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure, customers balance will be deposited in their wallets. They may purchase popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCC while joining the Fixy Network immediately.

Who are the Individuals behind the team ?
Fixy Network team members consist of professional developers, marketers and experienced advisors who have certify track records to deliver quality products and services to their clients. More details about the credentials of the team members can be found on the Fixy Network website.

AirDrop with App Release in June 2018

As a proof of commitment in creating a strong community foundation, Fixy Network will airdrop 2.000.000 of FXY tokens to the community along with the apps release in June 2018.

ITO (Initial Token Offering) Details :

Token Ticker : FXY (ERC-20 Token)
Total Supply : 100.000.000
Price : 1 ETH = 5.000 FXY
Private Sale : 400 ETH (already sold)
Softcap : 2.000 ETH
Hardcap : 11.400 ETH
Bonus structure :

Pre ICO: 40%
ICO Level 1: 20%
ICO Level 2: 0 %
Minimum contribution: 0.1 ETH
Token sale date: 01.05.2018

Curently Fixy Networks is at ICO process with 20% bonuses.

All unsold tokens will be burned.

If you wish to join the whitelist please visit the Fixy Network website on https://fixyapp.io/

For more details you can read the whitepaper here: https://fixyapp.io/whitepaper.pdf

Got any questions to be answered by the team? please join in Fixy Network Telegram group https://t.me/fixynetwork

Join the Fixy Network Bounty : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3109687.0
Follow Bountrust on Telegram : https://t.me/Bountrust


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